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Promoted Pins 101


August 11, 2016

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Want to know what it takes to build a killer Promoted Pin on Pinterest from start to finish? This webinar will provide you with the recipe to take your pins to the next level. We’ll include an overview of Pinterest, define what promoted pins are, and why you should use Promoted Pins for your blog or business. Next, we’ll show you best practices for how to set up a Promoted Pin and how much to set for your budget. To top it all off, we’ll teach you how to measure and analyze your results to optimize your pins’ performance in the future!

Learning Objectives

  • How Bloguettes uses promoted pins to drive traffic to our blog, webinars, and YouTube videos
  • How we increased engagement AND traffic through promoted pins
  • Picking the right pin to promote, setting it up with the right bid, finding the right target, choosing keywords
  • How to run a campaign
  • How to analyze your results and optimize your campaigns
  • Setting up Rich Pins


  • Lorena and Sakura have been instrumental in growing our social media presence and taking Luster Custom Homes to the next level. They are creative, smart and strategic and their expertise has helped elevate and enhance our marketing efforts immensely

  • My time spent with Lorena and Sakura was so valuable! They were SO generous and held nothing back as I fired questions at them for a full hour. They are such an amazing resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs and I wouldn’t hesitate to pay them for their expertise again in the future!


How do I access my webinar?

You can access your webinar from your Bloguettes dashboard!

What timezone does the webinar take place in?

Every webinar airs in Arizona time.

How do I get the room passcode?

We will send you an email the morning of the webinar with the passcode. Additionally, the passcode will show up on the same page of the webinar on the same day it goes live.

How long do I have to watch the recording?

Our webinars are available as a resource to you anytime!

When & where will the recording be up?

It will be up on the website by the end of the day that it airs. To access it, it will
be on the website on the product page, exactly where you registered for it!



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