Why Every Blogger Needs a Media Kit

Why Every Blogger Needs a Media Kit


Why Every Blogger Needs a Media Kit - Bloguettes

When you think about it, it’s a funny thing to become “known”  in the blogging world. Some of us are known for health inspiration, others for their creative DIY’s, and some just for being fashionable and trendy!

Think of a media kit as your blog’s business card. Regardless of what you’re known for, or if you’re still trying to become known, a media kit is an essential tool for every blogger or creative to have. Read along as we walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to media kits!

What is a Media Kit?

In a blogging sense, media kits are documents outlining the key aspects and stats that you want to represent your blog. Usually, the kit is given to potential partners or advertisers. It gives these marketers and collaborators the quick, hopefully impressive, scoop on your blog and what you have to offer!

Kits typically feature a short bio, contact information, prime work examples, graphics, and what you offer collaboratively. Think of it like a clear and compelling ‘snapshot,’ that shows people the bigger picture of why they should want to work with you or promote you.

When reaching out for collaborations or brand partnerships, a great media kit can be your best friend! For example, you can send out short, to the point emails that people will actually read. Then, if they like what you have to say, they can learn more about your blog in your attached media kit! This will save you from having to write out all of your information and stats every time you send an email. Like a resume, you can simply update your media kit according to the contact you’re reaching out to!

Quick Tip– You want to make sure you put your best foot forward every time you reach out, right? So, make sure you’re always updating your media kit with your latest social media stats. We recommend updating your kit at least once every month!

What Can A Media Kit Do For Me?

There are so many benefits to having a great media kit. Here are just a few:

  • Introduce your brand more effectively
  • Convey professionalism
  • Concisely answer the who, what, where, when, how & why for your blog  
  • No need to repeat yourself, compose a kit once, update as necessary and keep sending!
  • Increase blog relevancy
  • Increase blog traffic, yay!

So, Where Should I Start?

When it comes to actually building your brand’s media kit, feeling overwhelmed isn’t uncommon. Thankfully, you can relax, because we have resources for you! For example, if you’re building your kit from scratch, our Media Kit Checklist will help you to make sure nothing gets left out!

Or, if you’re in a time crunch but still want a professional, well put together media kit, we have pre-made templates! Simply download the template and start customizing it for your brand! You’ll be driving blog traffic and securing partnerships in no time.

Now, here’s the rundown of what you should include in your media kit:

Logo or Header: This depends on your media kit layout, but we recommend choosing one or another; not both.

About: Share what your blog is all about! What do you write about, who do you want to reach, and what are your goals? Also, don’t forget to mention what makes you different from other bloggers in your niche. Potential partners will want to know what makes you unique and why they should work with you over other bloggers!

Bio and Headshot: Who are you in relation to your blog? People love stories, so share your story and how your blog came to be!

Blog stats: Share the social media and blog stats you’d like to share. Remember, it’s okay if they’re still growing! Some must-have stats to include are your social media followers and average amount of likes, sessions on your blog, pageviews, pageviews per session, and behavior of your new and returning visitors. The important part here is to show that you’re active on social media and are engaging an audience through your blog!  

Description of Your Audience: Tell advertisers who your audience is. This is why they want to work with you… to reach your readers, so give them a clear picture! We recommend using a tool like Google Analytics to find out who is reading your blog! What age group are they in? Where do they live? What are their likes and interests? Google Analytics can tell you all of this and more!

A Peek at Your Blog Content: Share what you feel is your best, or most-liked work. Do you have an article that’s a hit? We recommend always hyperlinking to your articles within your media kit, so readers who are interested can quickly navigate to the post! Remember, this is the place to showcase what you do best!

Partnership Opportunities: What do you offer? This can include workshops, sponsored posts, advertising, or webinars, just to name a few.

Testimonials: Include a few testimonials either from past advertisers, readers, or both. They loved what you had to offer, so who you’re presenting to should as well!

Contact Information: This is such an important part to include. Make it clear how the reader can reach you!

Now that we’ve gone over what exactly to include, here are five pro tips to remember when building your media kit!

Bonus Tips

  1. 1

    Be straightforward about why it’s a good idea for a company to work with your blog. Don’t be shy! Show them how you shine and stay honest in all you promote.

  2. 2

    Make it high quality. Point, period, blank. If you don’t feel 100% confident in your work, hire an experienced designer to put the final touches on your kit. Also, whether you’re the one designing your kit or a designer is, make sure to always use your company logo, colors, fonts, and stick to your overall visual style. This will help to convey a sense of quality!

  3. 3

    Keep it short and sweet. We recommend using a page on your website where you make your media kit available. Since things change so quickly, having a web page will make updating that much easier.

  4. 4

    Make sure it’s easily accessible. Should you choose to build a hard copy media kit, put a link to the downloadable PDF on your “About” page. If you use an Advertising page, be sure to clearly link it in your header or footer so it can’t be missed.

  5. 5

    Don’t spam people with it. When sending your media kit to those who have not asked for it, ensure you truly have good reason to send it. Offer something and link the kit as a “here’s why you should say yes.”

Media Kit Etiquette

Now that you’ve created your media kit, you might be wondering how to go about sharing it! Who should you send it to? What should you say? When is it appropriate to send it and follow up with brands?

When it comes to reaching out, start by making a list of products or brands that you love and fit your blog’s brand. As a blogger, you don’t want your work to stand out as something that doesn’t go with the rest of your content or to look too “salesy.” So, when doing outreach, remember to stay true to your brand and what it stands for. This way, your content will always be authentic! Also, while there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to big brands, remember that working with smaller brands can be just as effective! There are plenty of up-and-coming brands out there that can bring you just as much exposure.

Now, let’s talk about the pitch. What should you say in your initial email? Rather than pouring out your heart on the page, here’s a quick and easy format to follow:

  1. 1

    Introduce yourself and your blog

  2. 2

    Say why you love the brand or their products

  3. 3

    Explain why you think the collaboration would be a hit and how you’d like to work together

  4. 4

    Direct them to your attached media kit to get the full scoop!

Overall, keep your initial email around 5-8 sentences–short enough to read, yet long enough to say what you need to say!

Now, how long should you give a brand before following up? We’d say give it about a week or so. If you don’t hear from the company by then, you can reach out again to express your interest just in case they missed your email. However, if you still don’t hear from them, don’t get down on yourself! Finding the perfect brand to work with can take time, so be patient!

Don’t forget!

Bloguettes is here to help! Utilizing our Media Kit Template and Checklist will make the process easier, while still producing a quality and customized product!

Good luck & happy kit crafting!

Do you have a media kit for your blog? Has it helped you to capture any leads? Let us know in the comments below! While you’re at it, be sure to give us a follow on Bloglovin‘ to keep up with our future blog posts!

Why Every Blogger Needs a Media Kit - Bloguettes