Everything The On-The-Go Entrepreneur Needs

Everything The On-The-Go Entrepreneur Needs - Bloguettes


Whether you're a full-time freelancer, a small biz owner, or are balancing a side hustle, here are our favorite things to have for the on-the-go entrepreneur!

Who isn’t an entrepreneur these days? Whether you are a full-time freelancer, small business owner or you are balancing a side hustle on top of your full-time job, you are probably on the go a lot. To get work done, like the boss you are, make sure you have everything an entrepreneur on the go needs.

Sturdy Tote

Before we get into everything you need, you are going to need something to carry it all in. You need a sturdy tote bag that can chicly carry all of your supplies with enough space so that your bag isn’t ever overstuffed. We love this faux leather tote from Nordstrom that is reversible. By having two color options, you never have to switch bags based on your outfit! And there is a pocket on the front large enough to house a notebook, planner or files. By keeping important papers on the outside of the tote, you will never have to worry about a water bottle leakage again.

Portable Office

While you can’t take your printer with you everywhere you go, you can keep a few office supplies with you in case you want to work in a coffee shop or realize you need something before walking into a meeting. Keep a pencil pouch filled with supplies like pens, pencils, liquid paper, paper clips and a mini stapler in either your tote or your car for an emergency. Trust us one will happen and you will be grateful!


You work hard and so do your devices, which is why they always seem to be dying on you. Stock up on every charger you need and keep extras with you. Have a tiny backup phone charger in your bag at all times and invest in car charger for your favorite devices. You don’t need your devices while driving, so it is a great time to charge them! If you bring your laptop with you a lot, have an extra charger in your laptop bag. That way you won’t ever forget your main one at home and be stuck with a dead laptop.

The Extras

There are going to be little things you can have with you that will make you feel more pulled together and prepared, so stock up on them! This could be a business card holder to keep your cards nice, trail mix to fight off hunger in between meetings, or your favorite beauty product for a little pick-me-up.

Embrace the Car

Unless you live in a big city, you will most likely be getting from place to place by driving. To lighten your load, try and keep your supplies organized in your car. To clarify, we don’t mean you should start hoarding stuff in your back seat! Get a few plastic containers and put them in your trunk. You can have one for whatever need you have. You can have one for an emergency change of clothes and shoes, one for office supplies or one for snacks and water bottles. Fill up a tub with whatever you need to make your life easier: umbrellas, baby wipes, band aids, etc.

Are you an entrepreneur on the go? What can you not live without?