Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Affiliates



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You’ve probably heard Amazon’s affiliate program being whispered around in the blogging community and in some news articles. With Amazon being on the rise and continuously rolling out new updates, their affiliate program is a hot topic of conversation.

Bloggers of all kinds use affiliate programs to monetize their content. So much work goes into the content creation process, so being able to make some income on the side makes it worth it. However, with so many different affiliate programs out there, it can be hard to choose which one to focus on. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Amazon’s program and how to decide if it’s right for you!

What is Amazon Affiliates?

Amazon’s affiliate program allows a person to link products straight from their blog to Amazon. Then, when someone clicks on the link and buys the suggested item (or even something else through the link), the blogger gets a small percentage of the profit. It’s a great place to earn a little cash for all of your hard work.

Why Sign Up?

While some people may be skeptical about the program, it’s proven to be a great way to monetize your content. Here are just a few of the many benefits of joining:

Trust: Amazon is known worldwide and is famous for their cheap prices and speedy shipping. Everyone trusts Amazon, so working with them won’t hurt your reputation.

Money: Something that makes Amazon unique is that you can earn money on other items bought through the link that you provided. For example, if someone clicked a link to a calendar that you recommended and ended up buying some pens, you will still receive commission. 

Payment Options: Amazon can pay you in multiple ways. You can be paid in Amazon products or in cash.

Small Payments Add Up: While 10% commision doesn’t sound like much, it adds up very fast. If a lot of people click your link and buy the decorations that you use in your office, you could end up earning a hefty sum of money.

Holidays Are Key: Why go out in the crowds when you can just stay in your pajamas and buy presents on the computer? You have the potential to make a lot of money around the holidays through affiliate links. It helps the shopper and rewards you! Consider doing gift guides or a round-up of your favorites during the holiday season.

Variety: Unlike many affiliate programs, Amazon has a wide variety of products that are fit for anyone. So, no matter your blogging niche, you’re sure to find something your subscribers will love.

How To Sign Up:

It’s really easy to sign up for Amazon Affiliates! Just check out the steps below.

  1. 1

    Go to their page.

  2. 2

    Press ‘Join Now.’

  3. 3

    Sign into your Amazon account.

  4. 4

    Answer some questions based on your platform and submit your form!

  5. 5

    You’ll be taken to a page where you can track your sales and ‘clicks.’

How to Create an Affiliate Link:

  1. Navigate to the Search box.

2. Type in what you are looking for with keywords.

3. Click “Get Link.”

4. Shorten your URL. This makes it much easier to enter in your site or share on social media.

How to Create a Product Banner

  1. Go to ‘Product Linking.’

2. Choose out of the available categories.

3. Copy and paste the HTML code into your website.

4. Voila! You have a clickable product banner that can get you some extra sales.

How to Access Analytics

  1. Go to Reports.

2. View your analytics.

3. Track the success of your links to inform your strategy. 

General Tips for Success

Before you go, here are some tips to keep in mind when using affiliate programs.

Be relevant: Don’t advertise a whole bunch of random things just to try to generate money. Your readers will notice if you’re selling just to sell and will bail on you. So, stick with items relevant to your niche and you’ll be able to keep your fan base and make sales.

Promote special discounts: Everyone loves a good sale. Amazon’s prices are always changing, so take advantage of the special discounts they offer and promote them!

Multiple links within posts: Don’t just stick your link in the first paragraph. Refer to it a few times, especially at the end so your readers will feel more enticed to click.

Link images to Amazon: Everyone loves visual features, so make the most of them by linking out your images to Amazon products!

Buy now buttons: Take the photo of Amazon’s ‘Buy Now’ button and link that to your items. It’s recognizable and generates trust.

Get creative: You can also take your links and add them as email footers in your blog’s newsletter and create sidebar ads with the links on your own website. The possibilities are endless!

How To Choose The Right Affiliate Program For You

Here are some popular affiliate programs and networks and what makes them unique:

Amazon Affiliates: Amazon ultimately offers a more wider variety of products than other networks. It allows every type of niche to benefit from blogging and make money off their hard work.

rewardStyle: This affiliate program is more geared toward strictly fashion bloggers. Of course anyone could benefit it, but for people in other niches, it would be hard to incorporate fashion into it naturally.

Jet: This one is similar to Amazon Affiliates with the variety of products all over the place, but offers a much lower commission rates.

If you have a fashion blog and focus on clothes and accessories, then programs like RewardStyle would be good for you. However, for others who need a wider variety, we suggest Amazon Affiliates. In the end, just remember that you know your blog post, so you can make the call as to what affiliate program is best for you!