Facebook For Business Introduces Scannable QR Codes

Facebook For Business Introduces Scannable QR Codes - Bloguettes


Last year, Facebook rolled out new features to help businesses and people connect through messaging. This powerful new tool made making connections with your clients easier than ever. With more than a billion messages being passed back and forth monthly, businesses and clients alike have proved this tool to be useful. Facebook for Business recently announced they have added a few new bells and whistles to their business messaging feature to make what was already great, even better. To help you maximize the new usernames, messenger greetings, and scannable QR codes for your own business, here’s what the new updates are all about!


Facebook has jumped on the handle train, identifying each individual page by its username. Just as all of your other social media platforms are distinguished by the @ symbol followed by your name, Facebook will now be incorporating your username to help people search for you. This username can be set and edited by the business owner and shows up on your page right under your page title.

Facebook Usernames

Messenger Links & Codes

Facebook knows you can never make it too easy for new potential clients to reach out to your business. That is why they have come up with Messenger Links and Messenger Codes. A Messenger Link is a short link based on your company’s username (m.me/username) and a Messenger Code is a unique business code, much like a QR Code, that can be scanned with the camera on a phone. When someone clicks on your Messenger Link or scans your Messenger Code, they will instantly connect with your business within Facebook messaging. This code or link can be added to all marketing material as another channel to access your business.

Facebook QR Code Scan - Bloguettes

Messenger Greetings

The final new addition to their messaging upgrade is Messenger Greetings. Messenger Greetings allows businesses to customize a note that will appear in any new messaging thread without you, as a business, having to be online to send it. This can be used as a greeting, a pitch, or an informational blurb about your company.

Facebook Messenger Greeting

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Facebook For Business Introduces Scannable QR Codes - Bloguettes: Businesses on Facebook are in for a treat with Facebook's latest updates. Click here to read all about new @usernames, Messenger greetings, and scannable QR codes embedded on profile pictures!