Facebook Creates Competition For Uber



A published patent application has given the public a view into some big plans Facebook has to take over the ridesharing marketplace. It may sound like these plans are coming a little out of left field, but they actually make a lot of sense. The social network is looking to enhance their Events feature with plans to become a ridesharing platform.

When you think about it, the Events feature is the perfect platform to launch a ridesharing feature. Heading to an event out of town and don’t want to make the long drive alone? Check to see if any of your Facebook friends are offering a ride. Or you can always offer up a seat in your car!



Your carpooling options won’t be limited to your friends, Facebook will help set you up with strangers by taking into account personal information such as where you went to school, taste in music, what groups you are a part of etc. Once everyone agrees to ride together, the driver will be given a personalized route making pickups along the way a no-brainer.

According to Facebook, more than 500 million people use the Events feature every month and that more than 123 million events were created in 2015. This ridesharing platform may be the perfect way to save a little on gas money, take advantage of the carpool lane or to have some company for a long drive.

A patent doesn’t guarantee that Facebook users will have this feature anytime soon or at all, but we are sure they would welcome it with open arms and open cars!

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