Facebook’s New & Improved Like Button



This Just In! Facebook has announced a new way to “like” people’s posts and photos! They are currently testing a new pop-up feature that allows you to respond to content with six different emojis. Nothing gets us excited like emojis do, am I right?

facebook emojis

In September, CEO Mark Zuckerberg disclosed Facebook was looking for an alternative to the “like” button. This launched a wild fire of rumors that Facebook would soon be adding a “dislike” button, but the rumors have finally been put to rest! Although there will be an angry and sad face, there will not (repeat, will NOT) be a dislike option. Facebook has begun testing this new feature in two countries (Ireland and Spain). They have yet to reveal if this adorable new aspect will be released to a greater audience.

Lucky for us, using this new addition will be relatively easy. If you’re using the mobile app, the emoji options will pop up once you click the “like” button. On a desktop computer they will appear when you hover the button with your mouse. Lately, many people have been using stickers to display their responses instead of “likes.” We think this new component will allow people to express their thoughts in a simpler way!

See it in action:



What do you guys think? Are you counting down the days until this feature is released or is “liking” a post satisfying enough for you?