Facebook Reveals New “Like” Button Features

Facebook Reveals New Like Button Features - Bloguettes


In case you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’ve probably noticed something new about your newsfeed on Facebook. If not, try taking a quick hover over the “like” button on any post to access the FIVE brand spankin’ new animated emojis (or “reactions,” as Facebook likes to call them) that you can now use to express your emotions!  


Facebook revealed the feature on February 24, but had been testing and rolling out the feature over the past year. After plenty of deliberation, Facebook settled on 5 new “reactions”: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. The main purpose of the new “reactions” comes after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted to give people a way to engage and interact with posts that weren’t necessarily “likeable” (think: lost puppies).

The reasoning behind the emoji-based design? More mobile friendly. Emojis are quick and easy to use, and are easier to select on a smaller screen.

What does the change mean for you or your brand? Under each post, the three most commonly chosen “reactions” will appear next to the reactions of your algorithmically-determined best friends or fans. If you want a detailed report of the post’s engagement, just click through to see all the numbers.

If we’re being quite honest, we’ve had some mixed reactions (no pun intended) to the new update. However, here’s our recap of the new buttons!

like facebook reactionThis button hasn’t changed in function at all, but now you might re-think how you use it. Previously used for when you might have been too lazy to comment on an image, but still wanted to show some love, now you can reserve the “like” button for when you like something, but not like it, like it. Which brings us to….

facebook reactions loveLOVE! We’re super excited about this feature, because it basically gives you the option to sprinkle around an extra positive vibe all around Facebook! We’ll definitely be using this feature for pics of puppies & when Beyonce shares a selfie.

facebook reactions hahaWe’ll probably get the most out of this “reaction” when watching Ellen videos or finding a perfectly relatable meme (like when the Internet banned together and created videos of Leo dancing with his Oscar). sad

Favorite contestant gets voted off The Bachelor? Sad. Friend moves to a new city? Sad. Your go-to single bestie gets in a relationship and leaves you stranded? Very sad.

wow (1)Holy guacamole! <– This is the precise reaction you should have when using this. Seriously, how cute and shocked does that emoji look?! Use this “reaction” whenever your cousin posts another awesome skydiving video.  

angry-emojifacebookQuite possibly the most gutsy reaction for Facebook to introduce, we’re sure this emotion will get a ton of use during this big election year. Feel free to also use it when your ex gets in a new relationship. We won’t tell.

(Psssst. Read this. You’re welcome.)

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