Fitting In At A New Job



Starting a new job is reminiscent of attending a new school, where you know no one.

Feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness course through your veins as you wonder if you are dressed appropriately, if you are making a good first impression and who you have to speak to in order to get the restroom key. To help ease your worries about fitting in at your new job, here are some easy tips that will have you fitting right in, before you know it.

Assert Yourself

Everyone has been the new-kid-on-the-cubicle-block, a time or two in their career.

Look at this fresh start as an opportunity to have a clean slate in the work place. You are the captain of your office fate! You are in total control of how you present yourself to this new community. Although you may be nervous, make a point to introduce yourself to everyone and walk around. Sitting silently at your desk with your ear buds in, hoping someone comes to talk to you, is not going to make the transition any easier. So, say hello to everyone, find the people you immediately click with and ask them where they normally get lunch or coffee or after work drinks. By showing the initiative and making the first move with your colleagues you are showing the entire company that you are open and invested in becoming a part of their office culture. Taking this important step outside of your comfort zone will lead to you getting invited to after-work happy hour drinks in no time!

Ask Questions

There seems to be a serious misconception when it comes to starting a new job. Which is that you should be able to show up on day one and preform all of your tasks and duties without asking a single question. This could not be more wrong! You were hired because you are qualified, not because you are a psychic (unless you were hired to be a psychic…in which case, carry on). A great way to fit into not only your new role, but also your new work community is to ask questions. Clarify how the processes are carried out in your new company. Ask your coworkers and boss how they work together most efficiently and how you can become a part of that process. It is far better to ask a question about something you do not understand, than to spend your time and energy doing it wrong, having to fix it and holding back the team.

Give Your All

One of the scariest parts about beginning a new job is that you’re constantly aware that you are the rookie on your team. You have spent the least time at the company and have the least knowledge of how it operates. Rather than letting this discourage you, use it to motivate you forward. Give all that you have to this new opportunity, to your company, to your coworkers, and to your individual assignments. When others see you giving your best for them, they will give their best to you. If you hope to truly fit in at your new company you must earn the respect of your peers and superiors. Go in every day with the intention to do so. Give your mind, by double-checking that you are completing all of your work to the best of your ability. Give your time by volunteering to help out on projects that need another set of hands. And give of your heart by opening it to those around you, allowing them to get to know you and you them in return.