The Freelancer’s Guide To Staying Organized

The Freelancer's Guide To Staying Organized - Bloguettes


Whether you are still side hustling or you took your side hustle full time, it takes quite a bit of organizational skills to work as a freelancer. You decided to branch out to working freelance in order to follow your passion, but you are also responsible for running a business. This means accounting, operation, sales, the works! By staying organized, you will free up more time for you to focus on the work you love doing and spend less time searching for paperwork.

Communication is Key

As a freelancer, you communicate with clients primarily through email. At some point or another, you will have to reference back to older emails whether it be about project details, payments or deadlines. By keeping an email folder for each client, you will be able to search for what you are looking for quickly. If you did communicate in person or by phone, take ample notes about the conversation and log them on a file on your computer. By keeping a clean and searchable database of notes, you’ll always have access to the information you need.

Money In The Bank

One of the most important things to keep track of as a freelancer is your payments. If you are juggling multiple clients then it’ll start to get confusing as to which payments you have received and which you have not. Use a spreadsheet or some of these invoicing tools to keep track of the dates of when a direct deposit is made, when you received a check in the mail and when you deposited a check. Also keep track of how much you have made from each company, this will help you come tax time!

A Very Important Date

The last thing you ever want to do as a freelancer is miss a deadline! Keep a planner or digital calendar with the dates of when all your assignments are due. Reference the coming week every day to give yourself plenty of time to complete assignments. Being able to quickly reference all of your pending assignments will also give you an idea of how much more work you can take on.

Excel Is Your Friend

Make an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of every important detail. Add a separate tab for dates you submitted work, payment info, account logins and passwords, dates and topics of submissions, sales pitches, contact info and more!

Clean Up Time

Keep your physical and digital desktop clean so you can keep your mind clear to focus on your work. Take a few extra minutes every day to make sure everything is filed away properly and your work space is clutter-free so you never have to waste precious time searching for missing paperwork!

How do you stay organized as a freelancer? Dish below in the comments!