Traveling Tips To Get Through The Airport Faster



Always on the move thanks to your blog or business? Don't waste any time and read up on these tips to get you through the airport faster!

Being a big shot blogger or independent business owner usually leads to travel. While there is unfortunately nothing that you can do about flight delays or last minute cancellations, there are plenty of things that you can do to navigate the airport like a pro. Here are our favorite time-saving tips to help you on all of your upcoming business trips!

How To Airport Like A Pro

Check In like a Pro

The fewer things you need to do at the airport, the better. Always check in for your flight ahead of time, even if you still need to check luggage upon your arrival. Almost all major airlines have developed apps to help you. Download your airline’s app, check in, download your electronic boarding pass, and stay up to date with your gate, boarding time, etc.

TSA like a Pro

Avoid that heart-sinking feeling that happens when you approach the security line, to find it 100+ people deep, by applying for Global Entry/TSA PreCheck. If you travel often enough, applying and paying for either Global Entry or TSA PreCheck status is worth every penny. TSA PreCheck is the “VIP-pass” that allows you to breeze through security while keeping your shoes, belt, liquids and laptop in place ($85/five years). Global Entry is ideal for international travelers, it makes you automatically eligible for TSA PreCheck, while also allowing you to expedite customs on your way back into the USA ($100/five years).

If you don’t travel all that often or always get to the airport with more than enough time to brave whatever security line you may come across, you can still TSA like a pro by being personally prepared. When it is your turn to step up to the conveyor belt and grab a plastic tray, make sure that your laptop is in a place that is easy to pull out, all of your airport-sized liquids already confined to one bag and for goodness sake, do not travel in lace-up gladiator sandals that take ten minutes to free yourself from.

Layover like a Pro

Free yourself of the stress and anxiety that comes with having to navigate a new airport in a foreign city by downloading GateGuru. This app gets you smoothly from plane to plane in over 200 airports world-wide. Filled with a wealth of airport knowledge, it will not only tell you what gate and terminal you need to be in to catch your next flight. It also provides you with life-saving amenity information, like where you can grab a much needed half-caff soy latte or pick up the latest edition of Vogue magazine.

Plan B like a Pro

The inevitable, is well…inevitable. Set yourself up with every tool you may need to create a Plan B should the need strike in the 11th hour. Program your airline’s best customer service phone number into your cell and download a trusted last-minute travel app. If your flight gets cancelled, all 150+ passengers are going to head to the nearest service desk to find out their options. If you have provided yourself with proactive ways to solve the problem on your own, you will get a lot farther a lot faster than waiting in line with everyone else.

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