Frustrated With Your Job Search? Here’s How To Stay Positive



How To Stay Positive During Your Job Search - Bloguettes: Job searching is tiresome, nerve-wracking, & can take a hit on your self-image. If you're a job seeker, try our tips on how to stay positive during the search!

You’ve spent countless hours proofreading your resume at least fifty times, writing a personalized cover letter for every position you applied to, and continue to comb through job boards for your dream job. You wrapped up dozens of applications and are feeling pretty accomplished. The phone will start ringing any day now. But what do you do when it doesn’t ring? What about when you do finally land an interview, but the position isn’t the right fit? For job seekers, it can be so hard to stay positive when the job hunt seems never-ending, but allowing yourself to end up in a slump is only going to hurt you. We know how exhausting job hunting can be which is why it is so important to keep your positivity going strong!


We have all heard the adage “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This rings true for a reason and applies to your job hunt. If you have been sending out the same resume, with a nearly identical cover letter to eerily similar companies offering the same position, you might need to mix things up a little. Take some time to look back at your applications, the positions you applied to, and the results you have been getting. Was there something on your resume that was always brought up in interviews? Were you optimistically applying for positions that were a little above your experience level? What you are doing right now is not working, so it will benefit you to think about where in your job hunt you can make little changes. If anything, you will feel better just by breaking the repetitive cycle you are stuck in.

Ask for Help

Don’t suffer in silence. If your job hunt is dragging on, ask for help. Have a friend proofread your resume and critique your cover letter. Reach out to a former colleague or mentor for advice. Alert your network that you are searching for a job and see if anyone has any good leads. You will feel way more positive once you have a little help and guidance. Plus, the assistance might speed up your search.

Take Control

The days you spend waiting to hear back on applications and praying for that second interview can be nerve-wracking. Instead of anxiously awaiting emails and phone calls that may never come, spend your downtime making yourself a more desirable candidate. Is there a desired skill that you seem to always be missing? Take an online class or one at a community college and learn a new skill that you can add to your resume. Is your desired industry super competitive and all about who you know? Start attending networking events like it’s your job and start making some valuable connections. Want to rock your interview? Research your dream companies like crazy and start reading up on industry news and trends. The more you can do to make yourself stand out the better!


We’re sorry that your job hunt isn’t wrapping up quickly, but we urge you to relax because everything will work out in the end. We can assure you that once you land that dream job, it will be so worth the wait. Starting a new job comes with stressors of its own so for now, try and relax. Blow off some steam by going for a run or taking a yoga class. Have lunch with a friend who is also looking for a job and laugh off some of the frustrations you have been feeling. Read a good book or play fetch with your dog. Everything will work out so in the end so keep that in mind and it will be easier to stay positive than you think!

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