Get To Know The Ladies Of bRUNch



Sundays don’t feel like Sundays without brunch. Or at least we think so, and we’re pretty sure the ladies behind bRUNch Running would agree. Co-founders Alex Weissner and Cortney Logan started as friends and eventually became business partners when their idea to combine two of the things they love most in life–running and brunching–and turn it into a business. When we met Alex, we knew we had to interview her for the Bloguettes blog. I mean, a person who can take their favorite pastimes and make a job out of it? That’s kind of what Bloguettes is all about.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. 
I think this is the toughest question. I’m really bad about talking about myself. My name is Alex Weissner and I am the co-founder of bRUNch Running. bRUNch is running group that loves to each brunch. I became a runner when I moved to New York City after college and was a broke PR intern. Running was something that was cheapish and I loved the high afterwards. Plus I really like to eat and drink. I needed some kind of balance in my life.
I started bRUNch with one of my best friends and now business partner Cortney Logan. We started bRUNch because we love to run, eat and drink. After participating in several local running clubs in Denver and spend hours eating brunch after races we decided to start a group ourselves. We launched our Denver in chapter in April 2013 and have since expanded to four other cities, Boulder and Fort Collins in Colorado, Phoenix, Ariz. and Austin, Texas.
How long have you been blogging? 
bRUNch is just about it celebrate it’s second anniversary.
How did you come up with the idea? 
Cortney was the one that realized that the word “run” was in the middle of the word “brunch.” This was the foundation for us creating the group. The group started as a Facebook page in 2012. We would invite friends to join us for a run on Sunday mornings. We would meet at a restaurant or run to a restaurant. All depended on how far we felt like running that morning. As I became more involved in the craft beer and spirits event industry in Denver a friend suggested that I use my contacts and experience to turn bRUNch into an actual business.
What was the hardest part in getting started? 
The hardest part in getting started was figuring out how to run a business. We didn’t start bRUNch thinking it would be what it is today. It was a side project. At the time of the launch we both had full-time jobs and just saw this as something we enjoyed doing. By June of 2013 we realized that this was going to be bigger than we thought and that we needed to make more time in schedules. We quit our jobs and haven’t looked back.
How do you maintain a balance between other aspects of your life and your blog? 
I think of balance as doing what you love. I love what I am doing every day. I probably work about 70 hours each week and I do not keep regular hours but I make time to do non-work things. I obviously love to run so I make sure to run or get in some type of workout every day. I often find that I do some of my best thinking when I’m on a run. Often times, if we aren’t running together, I’m bombarding Cortney with ideas for bRUNch after a run. I also love to ski. Skiing is the love of my life and during the winter months you can often find me working from the base of a mountain and not my desk. I will find any excuse to ski. If you are doing something that you love it won’t feel like work. All you need is passion.
How do you stay connected with other bloggers and creatives like yourself? 
I love being around people. I attend other local run clubs. Go to a lot of networking events and reach out to people who inspire me and see if I can talk with them on the phone or in person.
What’s your favorite social media channel for personal use? 
Instagram. I love taking pictures on my runs and of meals I eat. Yes I am totally that person!
What’s your favorite social media to use for business/blog related stuff?
Probably Facebook. We have a very engaged social media community on Facebook. This is where we post events, photos, updates, etc. This is where people tend to use the pictures we have taken and then use them for their profile pictures.
Who do you look up to? 
This is a long list. First would be my family. My mother, father,  Aunt Mindy, grandmother Irma and grandfather Murray have all owned their own businesses. Starting my own was in the card from the beginning. Learning from their experiences and seeing their work ethic has made me who I am. I also just finished reading “The Woman I Wanted to Be” by Diane von Furstenberg. I am now obsessed with this book. I originally got the book from the library and I had to buy a copy so that I could highlight and add notes. There are some many great lessons about life and business. This book goes everywhere with me now.
I also admire by business partner. Without Cortney none of this would have happened. We are my dream team!
What advice do you have for others? 
In the words of Nike, “Just do it.” If you have a dream or idea go for it. What do you really have to loose? If it doesn’t work out you can always go back to what you were doing before. If it does work out then hell yes! I’ve always lived my life by the motto of “Dream Big.”
What’s the best advice you’ve received? 
The best advice I have received about business comes from my father. When I decided to focus on bRUNch full-time he was very honest with me and said, “The first year is going to suck.” It did. It was great too but it sucked. But by not sugarcoating the experience I was able to be real with myself always.