Why You Should Give Back To Boost Your Business

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We all know that giving back to our communities and giving our time, effort and money to charitable efforts are good deeds. But most people don’t realize that these charitable efforts can also be good for business. We have laid out some quick guidelines to help you figure out what charity is right for you and how to best support it while boosting your business.

Finding the Right Charity

Choosing a charity can seem daunting. Above all make sure that you select one that you believe in, that also inspires you on a personal and professional level. Then from a business standpoint look for a charity that will give you the most meaningful exposure. Much like a small business, charities are interested in growing their membership base. In order to do so they will regularly target a specific niche to market their charity to. As a small business owner you should make sure that your target niche and the charity you are looking to supports targeted niche are the same. This will allow you to easily crossover the charities past supporters to your small business and your current members to the charity. For example, if your small business is based around health and wellness, a natural charity to partner with would be one that advocates for healthier school lunches or to raise money to improve upon community health centers. This partnership allows you to put action to your small businesses mission statement while publicly associating your name with that of a reputable charity.

Charitable Marketing

Include your charitable involvement in your current marketing materials, such as your newsletter and social media account. When done correctly charitable marketing will inspire your readers and clients to join you in supporting the charity you are speaking on behalf of. When done incorrectly charitable marketing can sound like you are looking for admiration and praise for your goodwill. Rather than advertising how much money or time you have donated, use this space as a call to action for your readers to get involved as well.

Market To Members

Most charities have thousands of supporters who have a strong affinity to whatever the charity aids. These people are already passionate about the niche your business is, making them excellent prospects for your products and services. The easiest and most common way to get them to buy your products is to make a special edition or marketing plan that involves the charity itself. By creating something special for the charity with a percentage of the proceeds going directly to them, their supporters will happily purchase and market your company’s product. If you do sell products but are instead a service-based company the same general idea is applied. For example, if you are an event designer, offer your services for the next fundraiser or event the charity is throwing. This will allow you to show off your talents for all of the attendee’s, who could potentially hire you themselves for other events.

Do Genuine Good

The most important part of joining and supporting a charity is to do good. We should all be using our unique individual talents to make our communities and our world a better place. So go out there and find what charities inspire you! Your genuine efforts will be noticed and that effort will be returned in a positive way to yourself as well as your company.