Gnoments – Mixing Love & Technology



Two words: love gnomes.

Stay with us for a sec. These little guys may look like your average stuffed gnomes, but they’re actually a fresh way to incorporate love, technology and all around sweetness in one fell swoop.

Gnoments (pronounced gnome-ments) is the new way to create special moments with the one you love. Each relationship kit comes with two gnomes (one boy & one girl) with magnetic hand holding abilities, just to make it cuter, and an illustrated storybook showcasing all the different ways you can use your gnomes.


The thing that piqued our interest? NFC chips.

Like we said earlier, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill stuffed animal (er, gnome). Each gnome has a NFC (near field communication) microchip in its back–the same kind of technology that’s used in swiping your card at the grocery store or downloading that game on your phone just by touching it to a computer. For Gnoments, holding your phone against your gnome’s backpack can show you what embedded videos, sound clips, photographs, or map locations your love muffin placed just for you. (You know, in case your hubby wanted to surprise you with a wine & bruschetta date night this Thursday).

To do this, your phone needs to be NFC enabled. If not though, you can use the “Gnomifications” messaging system on the Gnoments website and still be able to send the same links through email or text!

If the techy aspect isn’t for you, you can always use the gnomes as a new way to rekindle that relationship that might have lost its luster along the way. Stick a love note in one of the gnomes’ backpacks and hide it in your bf’s suitcase before he leaves for work or score extra points when you tuck away The Nutcracker tickets for your honey boo boo to find!

Either way, we’ve gotta say, the idea is an original one and is a clever way to bring romance into the tech world. To learn even more, check out the Gnoments website!