Google Wants to Make Your Job Search Easier



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Doesn’t it seem like we turn to Google for almost anything and everything these days? This can range from searching for the best mac ‘n cheese recipe the world has to offer to mapping out your next road trip.

‘Google it’ has quickly become a household term because Google has the answer to many of our questions. Now, they just announced another way they want to make your life a little easier, but when it comes to your career.

Keep reading to learn about this new update and how Google can make your job search a little bit easier!

Google for Jobs

The search engine giant will be expanding its services to include helping you job search with Google for Jobs. It’s their initiative to help connect job seekers and companies to make the most out of the opportunities available. As is the mission it seems with most Google product offerings, they want to make job searching more convenient than ever before!

Instead of jumping from one job listing site to another, the goal is for you to find your next gig by using just one tool. In fact, Google will be partnering with other platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster and CareerBuilder to pull job openings all into one place when you search! No more having to give your email and filling out your info for all of those job search engines.

How It’ll Work

In the coming weeks, Google will begin to recognize when a person is searching for a job opening or title and in turn, populate available positions that match. Through machine learning, the service will continue to better understand how positions are related.

That way, when you search for something, you’ll see all job openings that pertain to the term you typed. Let’s say you were looking for a job in marketing and searched for “sales.” In this case, it may also pull up listings like “account manager” or “client specialist.”

Google will also allow job hunters to set search parameters to make the time you spend digging through job descriptions more applicable to what kind of opportunity you’re actually looking for. You’ll be able to customize your search by job title, experience required, desired salary, how long the job’s been posted, and location. Another plus is that Google is advertising an additional feature to calculate the commute time from your home. So handy!

When Will It Be Available?

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai just made the announcement at the company’s annual I/O conference among with many others.  The new search feature you’ll soon see has already been tested with companies like FedEx and Johnson & Johnson, who have seen an 18% increase in job applicants from the pilot. In a recent blog post, Pichai confirmed that it will be available in the “coming weeks” to help people search for jobs of all different experience and wage levels!

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