How To Grow Your Blog With Facebook Groups



Looking for a new way to grow your blog’s presence? Facebook groups are a great tool to help expand your audience and connect with other bloggers! We put a lot of hard work into our blogs and it can be a bit discouraging if no one is reading it. Most of us want more eyes on our content and Facebook groups are a great place to start!

Each group is different and usually have a unique set of guidelines. Your inner-teen may be cringing at the idea of “rules,” but don’t let that discourage you. These are set in place for your own benefit and ultimately keep you from wasting your time. These groups are free to join and can increase your traffic, so what’s to lose?

Some groups are designated for certain actions or social platforms, while others are a little more broad. The general blogging Facebook groups are great for sharing your recent posts and finding inspiration. We absolutely love the group Design Your Own Blog! They have a different thread each day dedicated to a certain topic. For example, Mondays are for sharing your goals and Thursdays are for self-promotion. Blogging groups are especially great for the connections you make! They are such resourceful communities to ask questions and make friends.

Are you business-minded? There are quite a few groups to support savvy business owners. These serve as a great resource to get advice for any of your entrepreneurial ventures. Some groups have daily prompts such as Motivation Monday and Share & Care Tuesdays. One of these groups was such a success they created an annual conference for the members! Don’t miss out! Start sharing your tips and successes with like-minded individuals in a business group today!

Blogging forums are resourceful communities where you can ask questions and make future business connections.

There are also several groups specifically dedicated to Pinterest and getting your content pinned! Pinterest Party and Pinterest Promotions for Bloggers are two great groups. Many of you have your Pinterest boards branded and only like to re-pin certain colors or themes. This isn’t a problem because you have plenty of options of what you can pin. Most threads ask users to link to one post they want pinned and require you to re-pin 4 or 5 in return. Just go through the list of replies and find images that represent your board well! It is also common for people to post their own Pinterest boards and invite people in the group to contribute. This is another way to get more eyes on your pins!

Every Hobby In Between 
Even if you don’t have a blog there are plenty of groups to help you grow personally & professionally. Join a photography group or one specifically for sharing your #OOTDs. Groups are a great way to learn new skills and connect with locals who share your interests!