Grow Your Following On Instagram With These 4 Tips



Grow Your Following On Instagram With These 4 Tips - Bloguettes: Wondering how to make it big on Instagram? Learn how to gain a following on the famous photo-sharing app with these simple tips!

Meet Megan, a creative intern here at Bloguettes! When she’s not busy interning, she enjoys spending time with loved ones, visiting local coffee shops and snapping photos of anything and everything that catches her eye. Speaking of pictures, Instagram has been a big part of her life for the past few years, and she’s gathered a few tips for all you ‘grammers out there! Read along as Megan teaches you how to gain a following on Instagram!

Find your Passion

If you aren’t passionate about something, you won’t give it your all–period. So, find something that you love and stick with it! My personal passions include fashion, lifestyle, and home décor, so roll with whatever you love. Even if everyone else out there is starting a fashion page, but your real passions include sports or baking, you have to go with what makes you YOU!

Keep It Consistent

When I first began my Instagram journey, I was still trying to figure out my personal aesthetic and how I wanted to share my life on social media platforms. I suggest using the same filter (anything on VSCO will do the trick) and similar editing steps on each photo you post, so that you develop a certain look and feel with your photos. The goal is for your photo to pop up, and your follower to instantly recognize that photo as part of your personal brand! Planning out your grid in order to make sure that your feed will look wonderful as a whole is also essential. It’s important to see the big picture, as people will typically decide whether or not they want to hit that “follow” button within a few seconds of looking at your full grid!

Partner Up

A great portion of my followers have come from larger brands such as Free People or Urban Outfitters. Getting reposted by one of your favorite brands is always a sure guarantee to make your day! Always make sure to tag the items in the photos that you take, and give credit where credit is due—there’s always a chance that the brand’s followers will see your photo and follow you! Just like that, you’ve got all sorts of new followers flooding in from your newly tagged photos! Partnering up with friends that love a good gram doesn’t hurt at all either! If you are both active on Instagram and share a similar aesthetic or style, it’s very likely that their followers will become your followers and vice versa–it works out for everyone!

Don’t Get Discouraged

Everyone goes through a dry spell once in a while. There will be weeks where it seems like your follower count won’t budge, but trust me, it will! It’s important to keep the followers that you already have engaged and happy before new ones will jump aboard. This means posting periodically, and as I mentioned before, keeping your grid consistent. There are apps out there, such as Planoly, that are there to aid Instagrammers in scheduling posts as well as give you access to preview what your grid will look like with the photos you have taken before you post them. Talk about a lifesaver!


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