Have You Heard About Looksee?



Have you heard about the Looksee app? While at first glance it may appear to be just another photo editing and sharing app, Looksee’s got a totally new, different element to it that makes it a whole lot of fun. It works like this: you share your photos via the Looksee platform, and are able to see the photos of other users. Everyone is anonymous on Looksee, so you’re basically just seeing awesome photos from people you don’t know (yet). If you like someone’s photo and they like one of yours, your identities will be revealed to one another. Think Tinder without the superficiality meets Instagram with a bit of flirting–sounds fun right?

We love the idea of ‘meeting’ people via Looksee. There are so many times when we’ve found someone’s work either online, on Pinterest or on Instagram and develop a sort of crush on them, without even meeting them! And we’re sure we aren’t the only ones. Looksee seems to be the answer to that, allowing users to connect with one another based on their artistic interests, and not just a ‘flexing-in-my-bathroom-mirror-selfie’ (we’re talking to you, Tinder).

Have any of you guys tried out Looksee? What do you think? And if you haven’t–would you consider it?