Here’s Your Answer To Avoiding Cheesy Stock Photos



Oh stock photos. We have such a love/hate relationship with you. On the one hand, stock photos can be handy when you’re in a pinch and need a high-quality photo for a project. On the other hand, most stock images we’ve found tend to miss the mark. They aren’t quite what we are looking for, or tend to look a little too staged.

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There’s no denying that free stock imagery is AWESOME, however, we found that for our company and our market, something was still missing. We were looking for photos that were fun and feminine. Photos that looked like they came straight from your favorite blogger’s Instagram account, but were of high enough quality to be used in blog posts, print material, and wherever else they might be needed.


So, we did what any entrepreneurial spirit would do. We created our own solution.

Enter: Stock That Rocks

….our very own stock photo library with over 1,500 images! Never stuffy, staged or cheesy, Stock That Rocks is the missing piece we’ve been looking for. Feminine, minimal, and practical stock photos for everyday use!


How do I shop the photos?

If you’re a blogger, creative, or just a gal on the hunt for the perfect picture, our stock photos are perfect for you. Stock That Rocks can be purchased as a monthly membership, and can be cancelled at any time. Each month, we add 100+ new images to the library, so you’ll always have new royalty-free photos to choose from!

  • $10/image (shop photos here)
  • $29/month B-Team Membership – includes 15 stock photo downloads & 1 webinar (great for bloggers, small bizs)
  • $75/month Stock Photo Membership – 45 stock photo downloads (best for agencies)

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What’s in it for me?

Buyers & members see an increase in sales, attract more customers, experience greater social media engagement and create brand recognition that gives their online brand a way to stand out from their competitors in the digital age!

Use the photos for:

  • A Facebook cover image
  • A website banner ad directing shoppers to your latest sale
  • A featured image in a blog post
  • A simple, minimal Instagram post
  • & much more! Just check our Terms & Policy if you ever have an questions!

stock photo use

“When you are a blogger starting out on your own, you quickly realise you have to do everything. As I also hold down a full-time job, having access to Stock that Rocks provides me with the time to focus on the content of my posts…. It’s just like having a personal photographer on your team!”

Sarah-Jane, @thepolkadotapple

Help Us Grow!

Although you aren’t required to provide credit, it would be much appreciated if you could use #stockthatrocks and @stockthatrocks on Instagram! We’d love to see where you have used our images. Feel free to get in touch with us and share your project!


And just for being you, here are 4 FREE images from our stock photo library for you to use to your heart’s content. Just a little preview of the types of images you’ll find in Stock That Rocks. Hope you enjoy them!

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Here’s Your Answer To Avoiding Cheesy Stock Photos