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Take a scroll through your Instagram. Bloggers have THE life, right? They eat good food, they wear cute clothes, and they travel to the ends of the world—for free. We love sweet getups & tasty eats, but we’d take traveling for free over food and clothes in a heartbeat. So, how do you get in on that travel life action? Partner with hotels.

We were incredibly lucky to collaborate with The Graduate, a hip boutique hotel located in the hustle and bustle of Tempe. Thanks to our amazing correspondent Chris Frazier the Director of Sales, we got to see every aspect of The Graduate and take pictures to help illustrate how different types of bloggers can partner with hotels!


Fashion Bloggers

If you give a fashion blogger a colored wall, they’ll be able to showcase their outfit in a flash. But why not flaunt that new romper in a completely different setting AND get a possible free stay out of it? Find a hotel in your area (or in a state you’re dying to visit) and swipe through their gallery to make sure it fits your blog aesthetic. After you reach out and agree on a trade, show off the hotel’s amenities while still highlighting your outfits.

It’s no surprise that fashion bloggers are often gifted with free clothing and accessories. Taking a photo that mentions both the clothing company and hotel can increase the amount of exposure for every party involved. Just make sure both companies are aware of each other’s tags and aren’t in competition with one another!

Go to the hotel pool and have someone snap a photo of you in your boho-inspired swimmy & jet-black sunnies. Don’t want any more freckles than usual? Skip the sun and head up to the rooftop after dusk for an #ootn instead of an #ootd.

Photography Bloggers

Hotels are specifically curated in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. This makes finding good photo ops throughout the entire hotel incredibly easy! A great way photo bloggers can partner with hotels is by taking marketing photos. Offer your services in hopes that the hotel will exchange a discounted stay for marketing and social media images.

As a photographer, you’ll be able to see things normal people wouldn’t. That retro looking clock with mismatched numbers above the bar is something people may walk right past, but as a photographer, you can illustrate it in a way that gives the bar a ton of character. Try different angles in order to portray the personality of the hotel instead of just the appearance.

  • Focus on unique pieces
  • Take photos that demonstrate desirable traits such as good location
  • Show the aesthetic of the retro bakery
  • Pay attention to details like the stained glass lighting
  • Find out the story behind novelty items like The Graduate's 8-track wall

Food Bloggers

If you’re a food blogger, first of all, you’ve got one of the best gigs around. Most hotels have restaurants and/or bars within the same establishment. If you’re a food blogger and take your own photos, see if you can trade services by giving the restaurant and hotel styled restaurant images that will turn potential visitors to actual visitors.

We visited The Normal Diner and could not believe how Insta-worthy each of their dishes were. Being so close to ASU, the head chef concocted a menu of unique creations that appeal to their customers and beg to be posted on social media.

  • Best Sellers Flat Lay
  • The Redeemer Bloody Mary
  • Red Velvet Chicken and Waffles
  • The After School Special
  • The Cereal Killer Milkshake

If you don’t take your own food photos but have a big following, utilize the hotel bar (like The Graduate’s Tapacubo) for a casual networking event. Bringing in a large group for a Food Blogger Happy Hour will give the bar (and hotel) an increased amount of exposure–especially if everyone is posting and tagging photos on their social channels.

Lifestyle Bloggers

The whole idea around lifestyle bloggers is capturing the small details in life. Unpacking your vintage suitcase on the cherrywood desk in the hotel room is one way to blend your personal style with the hotel’s interior design. Taking snapshots of decorative touches like The Graduate’s keycards with college photos of the owners’ parents adds character and a backstory. After you’re done photographing your room, ask the front desk if there are any other guest services available. We found out that The Graduate has candy-colored red and yellow bikes that you can check out and ride around town!

Want something more interactive than pictures? Similar to a happy hour, see if the hotel will let you host a meet and greet with other bloggers in the area. Create a hashtag specific to the event, host contests and/or giveaways, and make sure everyone tags the hotel in their photos to make the event beneficial to the venue.

  • Bring a friend and capture candids
  • One of the rooms at The Graduate
  • Room keys with black-and-white photos
  • Do not disturb signs
  • "Borrow and bike" around Tempe

Travel Bloggers

Having a partnership with a hotel is the ultimate hookup for any blogger, but it’s especially useful for travel bloggers. If you happen to work with one hotel, do your research and check if they have any other locations. You may find that you can work out a deal where you can stay at their chain of hotels wherever you travel! And when you’re trying to remember your passport and all of your travel-sized toiletries, having a sure-fire hotel in your phonebook is just one less thing to worry about.

To help you get started, the folks over at The Graduate Tempe have decided to give our readers a special discount code! Enter “Bloguettes” in the promo code box during checkout to receive a discounted stay!

Thanks again to Chris Frazier, Michael Brouse, & their social media intern Madi for being such amazing tour guides!

Thanks again to the incredible staff at The Graduate Tempe!

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