How My Event Went Viral On BuzzFeed & Pinterest

How My Event Went Viral on BuzzFeed & Pinterest


Meet Brimley! She’s our curly-haired cutie and spends her day editing and styling photos and doing graphic design for Bloguettes! Even though she is technically a creative intern, we found out that Brimley is one heck of an event planner! See her tips below and how her amazing efforts got her featured on BuzzFeed AND Pinterest!

I love to plan events! Ever since I was little, I would always find a way to plan some sort of party for my friends to attend and I continue to do it today! I’ve realized a few things through the years and I want to share with you 5 things to consider when planning an event!

Brimley McGrath Wedding Photos

Come Up With a Theme

Having a theme for your party makes things easier for you and makes it more fun for your guests. I make sure there is a theme for everything whether it’s a simple birthday party, a wedding shower, or a dinner party. For example, last spring I wanted to have people over for an outdoor dinner party before it got too hot out. I ended up throwing an “Earth Day” dinner party. By having the theme, it was easy for me to come up with a salad bar, fruit, and lemonade for the menu, soft colors and greenery for the tablescape, and small bouquets for the party favors. The hardest part is actually coming up with which theme I want to use! Pinterest becomes your best friend when you’re brainstorming ideas.

Get Creative

Brimley McGrath Wedding Photos

As I was planning my wedding, I was trying to think of unique ways to decorate that showed off my creativity and wasn’t just like any other wedding. When it came time to pick out my cake, it was kind of a drag. I don’t love cake and I had no idea what I wanted. I remember saying out loud, “I don’t even like cake, I just want to eat doughnuts.” That’s where the idea of a doughnut cake came into play. I’ve never seen it done before, so my team and I really had to be creative in making it look pretty and make sure it looked like it belonged in a wedding. It ended up looking better than I could have ever imagined and my wedding has been featured all over Pinterest and BuzzFeed (pic #10!) because of it. This leads me to my next point…

Hire a Photographer

I obviously had a photographer at my wedding, but you might not have one at the next bridal shower you’re throwing. If the event is something you have put a lot of time and effort into, I believe it should be professionally photographed. Professional photos tell a story so much better than an iPhone photo. It also gets YOU in the photos. It gives you exposure as the host and people are more likely going to browse your blog or pin your images to Pinterest if they are visually pleasing.


Come Up With A Wow Factor

As I’m planning my events, I always try to think of at least one detail that will be memorable to my guests. Whether it’s bold decorations, an amazing dessert, or an outstanding party favor, having a wow factor will help your guests remember your party! For example, at my wedding I hired a guitarist who played beautifully and had the most amazing voice. He played covers of everyone’s favorite love songs and it added a very romantic touch to the reception. Two years later, I still have people tell me they loved attending my wedding and the guitarist was their favorite part.

Don’t Neglect The Details

Along with the “wow factor,” it’s also important to remember the details. One of my favorite details is personalized place cards and party favors. I love to hand letter and I’ve found that people love to have their names hand-lettered! It adds such a nice touch to the table and ambiance to the event. If you’re event is too large to personalize everyone’s name, you can hand letter the menu, label the desserts, and personalize the invitation. Other details I often use are cute napkins to go with the theme, fresh greenery and flowers, and a fun photo backdrop for guests to take pictures with.


We hope these tips come in handy! Drop us a comment with your own tips and if you want to see Brimley and the rest of the Spring 2016 interns, watch their rapid fire interviews here!