How To Ace a Phone Interview

How To Ace A Phone Interview - Bloguettes


Phone interviews can be somewhat awkward. Going into detail about your education, work and goals with someone you have never set eyes on can be uncomfortable. Not to mention, all job interviews are nerve-wracking whether they are in person or on the phone. But don’t get psyched out by the idea of a phone interview, we know all the tricks to acing them!

Find a Quiet Place to Talk

Technically a phone interview can be conducted from anywhere with cell service, but it is best to find a quiet place where you are comfortable and can be alone with no distractions. If you are at home, make sure you inform any roommates or family members of your interview time so they know to be quiet and not disturb you. Same goes for Fido! If you have a dog who tends to make a lot of noise, find him a babysitter for the hour.

Speak Slowly and Clearly

Many people find themselves talking faster than normal when they are nervous or uncomfortable. During a phone interview it will be even more imperative that you take a breath and slow down. Because both you and your interviewer will not be able to pick up on visual clues, it is important you give them time to digest what you are saying and interject with questions.

Make Sure You Have Good Reception

The days of cell phone conversations being dominated by the phrase “Can you hear me now?” may be a distant memory, but it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed perfect cell service. Make sure you are in a location where you know your call will not drop and that your interviewer will be able to hear you crystal clear. Do a test run with a friend the day before and ask how you sound!

Prepare As You Would For Any Interview

Have your resume, cover letter and any other materials you submitted during the application process at the ready. If the employer refers to a particular point on your resume, you want to be able to quickly reference it.

Get All the Details

What time zone is the employer in? Who will you be speaking to? Who is calling who? How long is the call expected to last? Make sure you know all the vital information as you do not want any lines to get crossed and miss your interview!

Have a Set of Questions Ready

At the end, or sometimes beginning, of the interview your prospective employer will likely ask you if you have any questions. This is a common question for nervous interviewees to freeze on. One of the benefits of a phone interview is you can keep a list of any questions you have at the ready and even jot down their answers. Just make sure you don’t sound as if you are reading off a piece of paper!

Follow Up

Make sure to send a quick thank you email (or a thank you card for extra points!) and follow up after the phone interview, you want to make sure the employer knows that you valued their time, even if the interview wasn’t in person.

Never be anxious about a phone interview again, you’ve got this!