How To Add Reading To Your List Of Hobbies

How To Add Reading To Your List Of Hobbies - Bloguettes


How To Add Reading To Your List of Hobbies - Bloguettes: Everyone says they want to read, but few people actually do it. Whether it's for leisure or learning, here are a few tips to become a more productive reader!

Reading is like yoga for the mind. It exercises your brain, opens up your mind and is a great hobby (or requirement) to have. But like all hobbies, they take time and if you’re an entrepreneur on the go or a student with lots of studying to get done, you want to be productive and efficient with your time. So, whether it’s for leisure or for learning, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your time reading!

Find What Suits You

There are Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and all these options for e-book reading. Some say reading e-books are easier, simpler, and space efficient. Others get a joy from holding a physical book and flipping through actual pages. Whatever it may be, find what suits you as a reader! The more you enjoy your reading experience, the more you’ll want to do it.

Discover Your Go-To Genre

When it comes to leisurely reading, discovering which genre intrigues you is exciting! Once you find the genre for you, you won’t be able to get enough of it. You’ll find yourself sorting through books in search of your next read. And who’s to say it has to be a book? Maybe you can’t get enough of the Vogue or Forbes magazines. Reading is reading! It’s essential to find your love of reading because the more interested you are, the easier it’ll be to be productive.

Take Notes, Underline, & Analyze

Writing about what you’re reading and summarizing it in your own words is important because it encourages you to become analytical. When you become analytical about what you read, you engage with the material and the information sinks in. So bust out the pen and underline your favorite lines! Maybe dedicate a journal for your reads and take notes there. The margins are a great space for annotating! 

Make Conversation

Discuss your reading with others! Find a book club or a study group in your class or simply bring it up in conversation with friends. Finding others who are interested in the same material as you are will help you improve your reading by simply talking about it! It also allows you to gain new perspectives on the same subject. The more you cultivate information, the more you learn! 

Read Every Day

Perhaps you love reading and you’ve already mastered setting goals for yourself. How many books will you aim to read this month? But maybe, you’re still getting into the swing of reading and simply setting a goal won’t help. Focus on fitting it into your daily routine and be specific! Maybe read a few pages before bed or during your lunch break every day. Oh and something to mention, it helps to carry the book with you! The more consistent you are with reading, the more improvements you’ll make.