How To Ask For A Raise

How To Ask For A Raise - Bloguettes


How To Ask For Raise - Bloguettes: The money talk is always intimidating, but when it comes down to your job, you should get paid for what you're worth! See our tips on how to make the "Can I get a raise?" conversation less scary!

If you’re not a natural negotiator, asking for a raise can be extremely uncomfortable. It’s never an easy conversation to have, especially with your boss. What do I say? What is appropriate? The guidelines can be unclear. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the conversation and to ensure that you get the raise you want!

Show Your Worth

It’s important to have a statement ready outlining the measurable ways to show your worth. How have you contributed in your position? Are there any significant things you have done that can be noted? Remember, it is expected to be good at your job so show how you’ve gone above and beyond. Come prepared with a list of actions that represent your request and prepare for the conversation.

Research Salaries

Take a look at the average salaries for positions similar to yours. It is important to take into account if any educational degrees or backgrounds can affect or contribute to higher salaries and use this research to further your case. Is your salary higher or lower then the average market rate? Often times you can use these numbers to ballpark your pay increase.

Know Your Company Policies

Sometimes companies may require you to work a certain amount of hours or years before a raise will be considered. Make sure to know your company’s policies inside and out before pitching a raise.

Be Realistic

Be realistic when asking for a pay increase. It’s easy to get caught up in emotions when you believe you are worth more then your current salary. Be able to justify a pay raise and be open to the conversation with your boss.

Timing Is Everything

Face-to-face dialogue makes for open communication. Don’t choose the day of a big meeting or the night before your boss’s business trip to bring up a raise. Know your audience and prepare your meeting accordingly. Time the conversation appropriately so you catch your boss at a good time, keep it simple.