How To Be A Good Hostess At Your Next Event



Everyone wants to be the hostess with the mostess, but it's not always a walk in the park. Hear from our avid event planning intern on how to be the best hostess at your next event!

Meet Marina, our social media intern here at Bloguettes! When this go-getter isn’t traveling, cooking Mexican food or visiting antique shops, she can be found hosting parties that everyone wants to be at! So, read along as Marina teaches you a thing or two about hosting!

The invites are out, the venue is booked, and you’re ready to host the event of a lifetime. Unfortunately, it’s not all about the food and decor. Making sure that you’re ready to be the best you can be is key to any successful get-together. Being a good hostess can completely transform any event!

Preparation Is Everything

When it comes to preparation, you won’t have fun if you’re doing everything at the last minute, and neither will your guests. Seeing their hostess running around making food, cleaning, or setting out extra decorations will make your guests focus on the trouble it took to put on the event, instead of having a blast! So, make what food you can the day before, load the playlist and scope out your venue. Anything and everything that can be done beforehand should be number one on your party-planning list!

Invest In Your Experience

Event planning on a budget is great, however, when it comes to big-ticket items or equipment you need to be working, it’s time to invest. No one wants to be waiting for the presentation to start while you’re filing through discount AV equipment that sometimes will or won’t work. This is especially true when you’re planning an event for a professional crowd!

Be Present

It’s easy to get distracted with the details, but remember to have fun! If you’re busy running around, your guests won’t have as good of a time. They’re there to see you! So jump in the pool, make yourself a plate, or stay and talk a while! A hostess who is involved in the event helps everyone else feel at ease.

Service With A Smile

A stressed and grumpy hostess is never fun to be around. Even if you have everything to do and not enough time to do it, keeping a smile on your face will make your guests feel appreciated. Sometimes, it’s even worth it to forgo making that last tray of hors d’ouvres just to make sure everyone is having fun!