How To Capture Your City’s Aesthetic On Instagram

How To Capture Your City's Aesthetic on Instagram


Meet Madison! Our events intern is no rookie to the Bloguettes team as this is her second semester brightening our office with her vibrant spirit and full heart. Not only does her personal style sparkle in the office, she’s definitely learned how to master a visual aesthetic on her Instagram! As an LA native, Madison’s picked up a thing or two about showcasing a beautiful city through photographs, which is exactly why she’s lending her tips on how to capture your city’s aesthetic on Instagram!


To capture your city’s aesthetic on Instagram, the first tip is featuring local trendy spots that your followers will love! You want people to fall in love with your city as much as you have! Being from Los Angeles, I’ve found a passion for photographing unique destinations on my feed. This ritual gets your followers more connected with you and your roots, and can allow them to connect with you through falling for your hometown! If your city has a glamorous downtown complete with a skyline, make sure you capture the detail in the buildings. You also want to keep the top of the buildings parallel to the top of the photo, so your photo doesn’t look off-balance!


Once you start walking along the streets, you’ll quickly discover neat spots to pose in front of throughout the city. Whether it’s a funky graffiti wall or simple brick architecture, these are perfect spots to feature your outfit of the day. Try coordinating your background with your outfit. If your outfit is simple, find a crazy wall! If there’s lots of intricate detail in your look, find a simple side of a building, and pose away (if you’re a little camera shy, you can always keep it candid)!

Local Coffee Shop or Café

By now, you’re probably bustling through the city in need of a little pick me up! Find a great coffee shop (preferably one a bit more tucked away) that has everything ‘grammable. For the perfect post, get a drink you know will give you picture-perfect latte art. If you get almond milk, your art blends with the coffee more quickly. If you get regular milk, your latte art will last longer, giving you sharp lines and edges for a great photo! If your hot coffee is in a mug, take your photo above as a flat lay. If you get an iced beverage, take your photo straight on to get the shot of the cream pouring beautifully into your cup!


Now it’s time to work out! Get your sneakers on and go find a great hiking spot in your city. In Phoenix, cacti are pretty easy to come by – include some local plants in the scene! Shoot photos where the sun hits the path, so you can capture the most post-worthy image. When you get to the top, take a fun picture showing off your awesome accomplishment by flexing your huge muscles and jumping for joy! On your way down, catch that gorgeous sunset! Make sure to take a shot of your sunset parallel to the horizon for proper composition. Don’t wait too long, or you won’t get the beautiful array of colors!

Favorite Eateries

You just finished your hike and are feeling ready for a snack! Hit up a local restaurant with fresh food and a great atmosphere.

After taking a seat, you notice the restaurant’s quirky outdoor patio. This is the perfect time to take a pic with your friends under the bistro lights. When your food comes, make sure to wait until everyone’s meal has arrived to take a picture. If you shoot a flat lay from above, throw in some sunglasses and floral centerpieces to fill the frame and add a more lively vibe.

I hope these tips help you capture your city’s aesthetic! If you have any tips of your own, make sure to leave them in the comments below!

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