How to Craft the Perfect Landing Page Using Leadpages

How to Craft the Perfect Landing Page Using Leadpages


5 Tips for Using Leadpages to Create Landing Pages - Bloguettes

Leads are a brand’s best friend! If you’re looking to capture leads online, a great way to do this is by creating landing pages. Essentially, landing pages are standalone pages that are designed for a specific marketing campaign. Through landing pages, you can capture leads that allow you to market to customers in the future or familiarize them with your products and services.

Our Marketing Director Becca is the pro when it comes to creating landing pages! She uses Leadpages, which makes it easy to design pages with its simple templates and drag-and-drop format. So, read along as Becca shares her advice for using Leadpages!

Becca’s Leadpage Tips & Tricks

We started using Leadpages here at Bloguettes almost a year ago, because we found the way our website was originally designed really restricted us when trying to make an easy sale! So, using Leadpages, we have created a landing page “template” for our webinars, workshops, and other opt-ins. This way, it’s pretty easy to create additional landing pages by just switching out the copy and pictures!

However, since we first started using Leadpages, we’ve learned so much about increasing our conversion rate. Here are my tips & tricks!

Draw It Out

I’m just going to start off by saying I am so so so far away from being a graphic designer. (haha) But, if there’s anything that I have learned in the marketing & advertising world, it’s that selling is a combination of copy and visuals. So, when I work with Amy, our Creative Director, on Leadpages, I always start by sketching what I envision the Leadpage to look like from a marketing perspective.

For example, we usually alternate between images (whether that means pictures, video, graphics, etc.) and text when you scroll vertically, so that the text is broken up. We like to start with a big, eye-catching graphic at the top, and then go from there!

Start with The Copy, Then Graphics

Maybe this is what I do because I’m a marketing gal, but I find that writing the copy and the description of the product or service first helps me to know my objectives and ideal audience a little better! This also helps Amy, because she then has a better idea of how to persuade in a way that aligns with the message visually.

Count Your CTAs

First things first–a CTA is a call to action!

A call to action is something that you are telling your audience to do (ie. sign up, learn more here, download now). Always remember: the longer the page, the more CTAs you should have throughout! This reinforces the action that you are trying to communicate. If you have a simple Leadpage that just has an email opt-in, then you really only need the opt-in once. But for the Leadpages for our workshop, which is broken up into 3 days of content and has TONS of selling points, we make the pages a little longer. On pages like this, we usually have 6-8 places on the page where readers essentially can click “sign-up”!

Make It Easy

Along with making it clear what you want your audience to do, make it as easy as possible to learn about your product or service! Use bullet points to making your content more “digestible”, and don’t use any lengthy paragraphs.

Get A Lead, If Anything!

Since you can’t expect everyone who lands on your page to buy what you’re selling, give them something for free (ie. a webinar, a checklist, or an ebook) via a LeadBox. This way, you can get their email address and later retarget them via your email marketing! Just make sure that whatever you’re giving for free is valuable and is aligned with what you’re selling on your Leadpage, so that there’s at least potential for them to turn into a future customer or client.

In the end, Leadpages are a great way to generate leads and sales for your business on the web, in emails, via text messaging, and on social media. So, what are you waiting for? Take these tips into consideration, start building some pages, and watch your leads take off!

Do you have any experience with Leadpages? We’d love to hear in the comments below! Also be sure to follow us on Bloglovin’ to stay up-to-date with all of our blog posts!

5 Tips for Using Leadpages to Create Landing Pages - Bloguettes