How To Create Blog Post Titles Like a Boss



Thinking up a good blog post title can be stressful. You want it to be perfect, but wanting a perfect title makes the task more of a chore.

We asked ourselves what some of the most effective ways to create amazing blog post titles were and thus, this brilliant blog title discussion was born. So take a seat and grab a pen as we discuss six different methods to create blog titles like a boss.

Count Down

Numbered lists grab the attention of exploring eyes. In a strand of words, numbers stand out significantly and let the reader know exactly how many amazing tips you have to offer them. “Different Ways To Start A Blog?” Sure. “10 Different Ways To Start A Blog?” Yes please! It’s straight, to the point, and a sure-fire blog title technique.

Ready, Set, Action

Invite readers in by utilizing action verbs. Words like “learn,” “optimize,” and “create,” let your audience know what’s ahead. Strong action verbs create a sense of urgency and subtly encourage a call-to-action.

Adjective-fy Them

Titles don’t need to be boring. You want people to know what the article is about, but you can have fun with it as well! Add colorful terminology to gussy up any plain post or use an adjective to change the entire feeling of your content. “3 Tips to Wake Up Happy” is a decent title, but “3 Unusual Tips to Wake Up Happy” is more intriguing. What’s unusual about these tips? Is a bubble machine going to sync with your alarm clock? Is a pail of confetti, strawberries, and unicorns going to sprinkle on your head when you walk out your doorway? Maybe not. But keep your readers guessing! By captivating your readers with a title, you’ll gain more clicks per post.

School ‘Em

“How To” titles are attention getters because of the teaching aspect. These titles let your readership know they’re about to learn something amazing—and they’re going to like it. Simple as that.

Vague Verbage

A vague blog title can go one of two ways. On the upside, having a vague title can spark interest. If your title is intriguing enough, people will click on the article just to see what the content is about. On the downside, readers will skip over titles that are too vague. If they can’t guess what the article is about from the title, they may not see the importance of clicking any further. Be strategic and weigh your options. If you have a lot of posts with numbered lists or ‘how-to’ titles, having a vague title in the mix might be a good way to add diversity.

Ask the Audience

Sometimes bloggers can wreck their brains thinking about what to write about when they have the greatest resource in front of them—their readers! Ask your readers what they would like to see you write about. Sometimes, getting inspiration from other people can spark your own creativity. If you have a post and really don’t know what to title it, make it a contest! Give a brief description of your article and ask your audience to title it. Choose a winner and offer them something in return. It’ll create engagement within your readership and who knows? By picking their title, the winner may be more likely to share your article knowing they had a hand in its development.

If you feel like blog title brainstorms are tough, think of it in a different light. The blog title should be the reddest, juiciest, most luscious cherry shimmering on top of a sundae. It has the ability to tempt the most disciplined eaters to break character and take a bite. Treat the naming process the same way. Tempt, intrigue, and dare your audience to click your content to unleash the most decadent of content. Have fun and good luck!