How To Drive Traffic From Instagram To Your Blog

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Instagram is a huge social media platform. Use it to your advantage! Not all of your Instagram followers follow your blog. So, give them a reason to! From channeling mystery, providing links, and adding giveaways, learn how to effectively drive traffic from Instagram to your blog with these four tips.


Don’t show all your goodies. Upload a teaser picture and description on Instagram to pique the interest of your followers. If your followers are hooked, they’ll go to your blog to see what exactly you’re hinting at. For example, we posted a picture not too long ago with a picture of one of our girls sitting at her desk. In the caption, we wrote “We’re Hiring!” but we didn’t say what position we’re hiring for. For people who are seriously interested in what positions we are currently seeking, they have to go to our blog to see the specific details.

Blog Posts

Post a picture relating to the blog post you’re trying to feature. It seems obvious, but this is an important point! A follower on your Instagram may not regularly check your blog. Posting a picture promoting a blog article is a good way to show new followers you have a blog and dedicated followers that a new post is up and running.

Link in Profile

You see these phrases flying all over Instagram—“link in profile,” or “link in bio.” For those of you who don’t know, this phrase simply means to go to the user’s Instagram homepage and check the link in the bio description. Because Instagram doesn’t allow links in photo captions, users have to insert links in their bios. Don’t think the link in your profile needs to be static. Change it up! If you’re trying to promote a new blog post, post a link that goes directly to your post.


Similar to the teasers, post a picture about an upcoming contest or giveaway. Mention that you have a new contest in your photo caption on Instagram, but only reveal the specific details on your blog. To announce a winner, give those who check your blog an advantage and unveil the winner on your blog first.

The goal of driving traffic from Instagram to your blog is to increase a following. Give your Instagram followers a good reason to hop on over to your blog and (hopefully), they’ll browse around and realize you are one heck of a blogger. Stay dedicated and remember your social media outlets can act as unbelievable resources for your blog.