How to Find a Job or Internship You Love



Meet Shawna, one of our Marketing interns here at Bloguettes! She has been with the company for a while, as she was previously an Editorial intern! As a friendly face to everyone at the office, she has all the know-how when it comes to doing something you’re passionate about. Read along as she shares her 5 tips for finding a job or internship you love:

How to Find a Job or Internship You Love

Choosing a career you want to pursue is an easy task— but turning your passion into a job can be a totally different challenge! Whether you’re a recent college graduate or simply just tired of your current job, you deserve to do what you love. It may sound tough at first, but remember that even the most successful people have started from the bottom and built their way up. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind as you search for a job or internship:

Reminder: Your first job most likely won’t be your forever job.

Sure, it would be nice to jump straight into your dream job with an excellent starting salary—but that can be pretty rare! You should always remember that whatever your first job or internship is, it will not be perfect. You have to kiss many frogs before finding your prince (in this case— your dream job).

Figure out what you want to do, and do your research!

You may have this huge dream and goal of what you want to do, but where exactly do you start? One simple word: research. Pull out your laptop and start searching for whatever keywords that sound right to you—a designer, brand, etc. It may seem silly and not make sense at first. But I promise you, one thing will lead to another and you will realize that the internet is your oyster. If you love a brand or follow your favorite design company, go directly to their website and see if they’re hiring!

Build your personal brand and master the elevator pitch.

If you want to stand out to potential employers, first, you have to realize what your best and favorite traits about yourself are. Then, advertise them. Make people see what you see in yourself. Be your own hype man—because if you don’t, who will? It’s helpful to practice a little speech to have on hand when asked the infamous question, “Can you tell me about yourself?” You never know what this conversation can lead to!


Network, network, network!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to simply reach out and make connections wherever you go. Whether it’s at your local coffee shop or at a big event, you never know who you will meet and make a business connection with. Keep an open mind when talking to people, and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve learned by the end of the day!

As a recent college graduate, I was so worried about finding a job I would be satisfied with. I heard so many stories of people so anxious to jump straight into work right after college and end up hating their job. However, don’t underestimate your ability and take your time. Realize your worth and go after what you love, no matter how hard it may seem!

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