How to Find a Photographer for Your Blog



How To Find Photographers For Your Blog

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If you look on one of your favorite blogger’s page or Instagram, they seem to have it all: the aesthetic, theme, and cute, non-posed (but you totally know half of them are), photos. Each article they write has a perfectly beautiful and relatable cover photo that just makes you want to be their best friend.

The big question is: How do they achieve this? The answer is simple: a photographer.

Photography is something that has become essential in the blogging world. Without the photos, the blog is incomplete and can sometimes look like a college textbook. But, when first starting out on blogging, or even blogging on a budget, it can be hard to find photographers that are affordable. Lucky for you, we’ve made it easy and provided some great insight on how to work with photographers.

How to Find a Photographer for Your Blog


Collaborations are a blogger’s best friend. It’s a way for both parties to get some coverage, and can create great work relationships in the process.

The Benefits:

The positive impacts of working with a photographer and visa versa are enormous. Both of you get publicity and get to express your creativity and experiment with different styles. The photographer gets a chance to shoot a model and build their portfolio, while bloggers get fun and cute photos for their blog. You might even build a great friendship through the partnership! This is definitely something that should be utilized, especially for new bloggers.

Here are some ideas to consider when it comes to collaborations:

  • Tag photographers in social media posts and visa-versa
  • Credit the photographer’s work on your blog
  • Write a blog post featuring the photographer
  • Write a testimonial for them on their site or social media


This tip was just as surprising to us! This website isn’t just for selling used tables and chairs and looking for jobs. Many bloggers will advertise that they’re looking for a photographer to collab with and get many offers from up-and-coming photographers in the area. We suggest meeting some place public first though, just to be safe.


There are a ton of great apps out there that make it easy for bloggers and photographers to come together! It’s a great way to make connections and gain publicity. Here are a few of our faves:


The Collabor8 app is made just for companies and influencers to work together. The app is free and helps both parties find each other. A lot of photographers are now on there, looking to find models in exchange for free or discounted pictures. It doesn’t matter what kind of following you have, or if you’ve just started; there’s something for everyone. Check out our post on how to use the app here.


The Shapr app is perfect for connecting with people that have the same interests as you! You can collaborate with others, whether it be with photography or blogging, or even find people to help build your brand.


This app is a private network specifically for creatives. Through the app you can find other people from different industries to work with and filter them based upon location, industry, and profession.

Activate by Bloglovin’

With Bloglovin’, a popular site for businesses and bloggers alike, you can now find people in every sort of industry to work with! With Activate by Bloglovin’, you can file as an influencer or an advertiser and connect with others to further promote your blog. It’s a fantastic way to find that photographer you’ve been in search of.


This is one of the most popular ways to find photographers. There are so many ways to find them due to all the features available. You can look at hashtags, such as #yourlocationphotographer, or other hashtags that are common on a photographer’s Instagram to find some great camera-wielding geniuses in your area. You can also look at the comments on other photographers’ pages, because chances are, they’re also photographers. It’s also nice because Instagram allows you to see their style and if they would be a good fit for your blog!

College Freelancers

College students will do almost anything for a little cash and now, since owning a camera is all the go, it’s easy to find a student who will shoot for your blog for little to nothing. Many can be found via Instagram, or even on Facebook. If you are a college student yourself, just ask around and in no time, you’ll find an artistic soul.

Facebook Groups

The power of Facebook groups is real! There is literally a group for everything, so it’s really easy to find and connect with local photographers in your area. People are constantly promoting their work everywhere–all you have to do is find someone with your style and reach out!

The Bloguettes have a Facebook group as well called the Bloguettes Bulletin Board! We created this group to be a place where bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs can ask questions, share ideas, and lend support in the digital space!

Tips for Outreach

You’ve found the photographer of your dreams…now what? Well, first you have to reach out and start a conversation. Here are some ideas for ways to reach out and tips to keep in mind when doing so:


Normally on a photographer’s social media page, they have their contact info which includes their email for inquiries. When reaching out via email, you want to make an impression so be sure to stay professional. 

Email Do’s

  • Be formal and put all those grammar lessons to use! (i.e. remember the difference between you’re and your).
  • Link out to your blog in the email, and provide any statistics of the traffic you receive. We recommend creating a media kit for yourself to showcase all of your blog’s important stats!
  • Link out to your social accounts to allow the photographer to get a feel for your style.
  • Communicate what you’re looking for regarding photos for your blog. Be specific!
  • Be friendly!

Email Don’ts

  • Try to avoid super long emails. Be short and to the point, but still provide the necessary details.
  • Don’t press send right after writing it! Read it over, edit it, and make sure it’s perfect. This email is all the photographer has to base off before meeting you. So, you want to make a good first impression!


Sliding into those DM’s is another way to reach out to photographers. While it’s more informal than email, it is an opportunity to quickly chat with future prospects.

DM Do’s

  • Like always, use correct grammar. The rules don’t go out the window simply because it’s on social media. Re-read the message a few times, and even send it to a friend to double check. Sometimes an extra set of eyes can catch something that you normally wouldn’t!
  • Provide a link to your blog.
  • Explain your ideas for the collab.
  • Provide additional contact information, such as your cell phone number or email address.

DM Don’ts

  • Don’t abbreviate words.
  • Don’t DM from any other account besides your blog account or personal. It will get confusing if you’re asking for a collab for your blog account when your DMing from your personal Instagram.
  • Don’t make it long. Instagram only allows so many words and someone doesn’t want to open a message and have eight different texts boxes within it. Like an email, keep it short and sweet!

Of course, photography isn’t everything. When it comes to blogging, you still have to have a love for writing and be consistent with it. It’s all about investing in the quality of your written and visual content.

What’s your favorite way to connect with photographers? Or if you’re a photographer, how do you work with bloggers? Let us know in the comments below! While you’re at it, be sure to give us a follow on Bloglovin’ to keep up with all of our future posts!