How To Find A Job In The Creative Industry

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How To Find A Job In The Creative Industry - Bloguettes


We've been asked, "How can I find job like yours?" more times than we can count. So we put together a Q&A with our cofounders on how to find a job in the creative industry. We answering what keywords to search for, where to find connections, and what things we take into consideration when it comes to your portfolio. Read the full post here!

Someone recently reached out to us saying they would love to work at a place like Bloguettes (thank you, btw!). The only thing is that they have no idea where to even start looking and if they did happen to find a similar job position, they weren’t sure what kind of background they should have in order to be considered. We get questions like this at our workshops all the time, which is exactly why we thought turning it into a blog post would be a great way to help everyone out!

And who better to turn to than our very own co-founders! If you find yourself in a similar situation and want to learn how to find a job in the creative industry, keep reading as Lorena and Sakura give you their honest opinions!

I want to find a job like yours! Do you know of any job sites that specifically cater to creative industries?

L: I think for our industry, social media is a great source for jobs. Always follow brands you would like to work for and see if they post about openings on their social media and their website. Lastly, this might not be the most efficient, but you can always send in your resume with a brief explanation of why and how you can be a good fit for that company.

S: Facebook groups are huge! We have our personal one called Bloguettes Bulletin Board and we typically like to share other creative industries that are hiring! If not, follow companies that you would love to work for on social media—typically they post on social media before anything!

What are some keywords I should search for in a job board?

S: That really depends on what exactly you’re looking to do! Good keywords for the creative industry are: creative, design, visual, coordinator, blog, creative writing, social media, marketing, etc.

What things do you recommend you have in your portfolio when it comes to applying for a creative job?

L: In the case of Bloguettes, we have 5 different departments (editorial, marketing, events, creative, and video) and all of them require people with the right experience and skills. Generally, we check an applicant’s work experience and portfolio to make sure their experience somehow matches what we’re doing at Bloguetttes. For example, for a graphic designer, we’d like to see work that is relatively similar to our brand because we can’t 100% teach someone our style—they just have to get it.

S: Past work for sure, but nowadays, your social media can really be your portfolio! Take Instagram for example. If you’re looking to land a job or an internship that’s very visual, you should really have a pretty, well-branded Instagram account to show how talented you are and how important it is that you have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account!

We can't 100% teach someone our style—they just have to get it. Use a portfolio to show that you have what it takes!

How do I gain contacts & connections in a creative field?

L: The best place to get connections and network in the creative field, in my opinion, is through live industry events. Blogging conferences, marketing events, and social media & digital conferences. Also companies like ours host community events like happy hours which are great opportunities to meet like-minded people.

S: Networking is key! Go to local events, happy hours, and meetups to really start connecting with other people in your area. For us, the local flea markets & Instameets were super valuable to us when we first started! Also, Instagram is really where you can build your tribe. Engage, connect, comment, and be friends with them!

What tips do you have when reaching out to a person or company about a potential job?

L: When reaching out to a company or person for a specific job, my main tip would be to reach out with a concrete email. People do not have time to read long, story emails. Reach out with something specific: who you are, what you are good at, and why would you be a good candidate. If you have previously met the person you are emailing, try to write something that the person would remember you by so you can establish a connection.

S: Don’t be afraid to show your personality & BRAG—well…stay humble, but be proud & confident of your accomplishments!

Does my social media really matter?

L: Social media is a huge factor. A bad social media can really hurt your ability to get a job, so make sure your social media reflects your professional strengths (not just your personal life) so your potential employer can be impressed.

S: I’m pretty sure I’ve already answered this question with my answers above, but absolutely!!!  Use your social media channels for a purpose and like I said above, use it as your portfolio!