How To Form Meaningful Relationships In the Office



Meet Hannah! She’s a spring intern for both our event and video teams, and is clearly a woman of many talents! Her interests include fashion, music, and surfing (she’s a Kauai native), but she’s also an extraordinary people person. This bubbly addition to the Bloguettes office is our go-to girl for mastering interpersonal relationships because she’s never without a smile! She’s sharing tips on a topic fit for any professional: forming positive office relationships. We’re with our co-workers from 9-5, 5 days a week, so why not make the most of it? Read Hannah’s tips below!

1. Smile

Smiles are attractive and contagious. Some days, work can be mundane, and it may be the last place you want to show up to bright and early. Most of us have experienced that from time to time. Despite these occasional ‘off’ days, keeping a positive attitude is critical! Even if you’re feeling stressed or upset, remember, no one enjoys being around negativity (especially at 9am). A simple smile can spread positive energy, strengthen your own motivation, and solidify relationships with your colleagues. It’s that simple, so no excuses!

2. Ask for Involvement

Some of us are naturally more of a team player than others. It can be hard to accept that no one can do everything, and someone will always know something you don’t. Be open minded; ask for help, offer help, seek feedback, and communicate effectively. Not only will this help build relationships within the office, it will improve the work being done and project a positive image for the company. Collaborative work will often turn out better than individual work–you just have to be willing to put in the effort!

3. Share More of Yourself

The best way to build positive relationships is to take the time to learn about them. Next time you’re early to a meeting or on a lunch break, take a minute to chat. Small talk isn’t a favorite for most people, but you’d be surprised at how much you can learn about someone when you put effort into the conversation. And when it comes to your personality shining through, be open, honest, and excited. Personalizing the workspace has greater benefits than you may think when it comes to building compatibility, management, and trust (even outside of the office).

4. When You’re Wrong, Admit It

When you’re in the office for most of your day, you’re bound to make mistakes–everyone is. The most admirable characteristic in any employee is to be humble and honest. If you do something wrong or forget to complete a task someone asked you to do by Monday and it’s already Tuesday, admit it. Most of the time, they will understand because they’ve probably done something worse. Nobody is perfect and their work isn’t always either. Save yourself some time, admit to it, and work towards fixing it!

5. Speak Positively About Your Coworkers, Always

You’re with each other all day, all week, and everyone talks to each other. The workplace is not for gossip. Period. You don’t have to be best friends with every colleague, but you’re also not meant to be enemies. Focus your efforts into your own work, and always talk positively about coworkers inside and outside of the office. Positive comments spread like wildfire, but negative ones spread even faster. One nasty comment can put the workplace in flames–save the drama for your mama!

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