9 Tools All Freelancers Need To Know About

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If you freelance, you’re probably aware that this isn’t something that typically takes off on day one, allows you to make tons of money, and quickly quit your day job. The freelance world can be a tough one, and a lot more goes into it than what it seems!

Luckily, there are a ton of tools out there that can make the process much easier and help you to focus on the things you need to. Keep reading to learn about 9 tools that can help you get started on the right foot!

How to Freelance: 9 Tools to Get You Started


LinkedIn is a resource that is so beneficial no matter what industry you’re in!

First things first, you’ll want to get online and update your profile. Your profile should include your experience in the field you are looking to freelance for! So if you are into writing, log on and add a link to your blog, online portfolio, and writing samples–this serves as a way for potential clients to access all of your experience in one place.

LinkedIn Etiquette

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you engage on LinkedIn:

  • Be professional: Think about it–your future clients are going to be viewing this, so be sure that you’re taking it more seriously than your other media accounts. Make sure all of your communication is professional and that your profile photo sends the message you want it to!
  • Keep your profile updated: Post content fairly often and keep your profile up-to-date with your current projects.
  • Network: Make connections with other professionals in your niche–you never know who you might meet!


About.me is a platform that allows you to create a single page displaying who you are, what you do, and what services you offer. Once you’ve set up your page, you can link to it in your email signature, social profiles, online profiles, and more. The platform is super easy to use and allows you to create a professional-looking landing page within minutes!



When freelancing, it’s so important to make sure your clients take you seriously. This is where a tool like Bonsai comes in. This site makes it easy to create a schedule, financial agreement, and confidentiality agreements all in one place!

Also, Bonsai allows you to show your client what your project goals and intentions are quickly and easily! This site will keep everything in one place so that you don’t have to manage separate files for every client. You won’t regret using this site to grow your business in such an organized manner.


This installation is one you won’t regret! You can install Grammarly as a Google plugin, and it serves as a spell check that is ALWAYS on. This tool is extremely useful for freelance writers, especially since it will help you keep your editing skills in tip-top shape! 



Canva is an amazingly simple graphic design tool. It can be used to create graphics for Snapchat and Instagram Stories, flyers, blog and website graphics, and various other creative graphics you might need for your projects!



We all use search engines on a daily basis, and Domino is one specifically for building your network. On this platform, you can find either someone to hire or find a job yourself! This site was created for creative freelancers and is a resource that could benefit your network so much!


When you hear the word “Boomerang,” your mind may automatically wander to Insta-stories. However, there is a tool out there that will benefit you even more! With the Boomerang app, you can schedule emails to be sent out! This is such an easy way to save time and energy. You can connect your Boomerang to your Gmail and from there, you can schedule an email to be sent whenever you need it to be. Also, you can schedule a reminder to follow up if you haven’t heard back!

Want more recommendations for email tools? Be sure to check out our round-up of the best email tools for small businesses.


As a freelancer, it’s so important to regularly brush up on your skills! That’s where a tool like Lynda comes in. This site allows you to explore courses from software development, to copywriting tips, to design. This site was developed by LinkedIn and is a hub for all online employees or freelancers. You can even get started with a free 30-day trial.




Dribbble dedicated to getting you both inspired and hired! You can use this site to follow other designers, upload your work with a team, or search for other designers to hire. If you’re a freelance graphic designer, this is definitely one worth checking out.

We hope you are able to use these tools to get your freelance business up and running! If you have any additional tools that you love, be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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