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How To Get Your Content Published - Bloguettes


How To Get Your Blog Content Published - Bloguettes: Getting published isn't an easy feat. Here are four ways to reuse your blog content and find a site that could potentially publish your content!

Getting published on influential sites is a great way to spread brand awareness and gain new readers. Getting your repurposed, already self-published work, published on influential sites makes you a blogging maven. Here are some guidelines to get your work to work for you, long after you have left the keyboard.

Study Up

You have to truly understand a publication if you hope for them to use your work. Take notice of their brand voice, targeted audience, and popular topics of engagement. Through looking at their body of work, see what areas of their publication seem a little light or lacking. Being able to fill these “holes” will be your ticket to getting published. For example, you noticed that their “Travel Hacks” page is only updated once a month, while the other pages are updated on a weekly basis.

Be Valuable

After identifying the “holes” in a publication, it is time to select what can fill them. Pull together a group of your personal content that you feel is the correct fix, that is also in line with their publishing style. For example: select the cream of the crop from the arsenal of well-done travel hacks posts already on your blog.

Tweak and Tailor

While your selected blog posts may perfectly fill the holes that you have identified in their publication, they are not quite ready to send off to pitch yet. Look over your posts and identify what areas, turn of phrase, or writing aesthetic does not fit with their brand voice. Adjust your post slightly to better align your writing style with theirs. This does not mean that you need to overhaul your post to sound like a carbon copy of theirs, you simply want to remove any brand voice red flags from your writing so that you’re seen as an easy fit for publishing. For example: your blog is a bit more vivacious than the publication you are hoping to work with. Swap out your colorful uses of “I literally DIE” and “#basic” for something more digestible for their readership.

Know Your Editors

Every editor is in charge of delivering relevant and engaging content to their audience. Since you have already established that your content meets this criteria, it is time to figure out how your content will be best received. Everyone’s pitching, writing, and publishing style is different. Ask the editor what they want/need, find out how they prefer to receive article pitches, and adjust your practices accordingly. Taking the time to figure out whom you are working with, will directly affect how you work together. For example: an editor informs you that they like short scale pitches that solely consist of story title and brief descriptions. You now know that it is not wise to send this editor five full article attachments for them to choose from.

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