How To Kindly Decline Partnerships



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One of the trickiest parts of blogging as a business is navigating your way through relationships and partnerships with other bloggers, brands and companies. This is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of business as well. Once your blog or business has started to grow, it can be a little startling how many emails and pitches you receive, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming when deciding which may benefit your readers and which aren’t totally on brand for you. Today, we’ll go over strategies to politely decline partnerships that aren’t in line with your brand.


PR Representatives

As flattering as it may be to think that brands and PR representatives want to work with you, it can quickly become out of control if your email finds its way onto numerous press lists and you’re receiving requests to mention a product/brand/client. Yes, you can often get off of press release lists simply by unsubscribing your email, but sometimes these emails come from actual PR representatives. In this case, it’s important to maintain a good relationship with the representative but still be clear about not wanting to be sent general press release emails. In this scenario, a good way to respond is to let the representative know that you’re not interested in press release emails, but that you would be happy to work with a client who is interested in you or your brand personally and wants to collaborate on a more individual level.

Guest Posting

Guest posts are a wonderful part of blogging, and can truly be very beneficial to your blog. They are important part of diversifying your blog, and they are also an easy way to get content with a different perspective! However there will be times when a guest post doesn’t necessarily line up with your style or brand. This can definitely be an awkward situation. A simple response that does the trick would be to thank the person for reaching out to you, and to let them know that unfortunately you aren’t able to collaborate at the moment, but that you appreciate their interest! More than likely, they will appreciate the fact that you responded rather than ignoring them.

Email Reach Out

These types of emails can cover a wide variety of subjects, ranging from mentions, promoting events, product reviews, or just general collaborations. These are absolutely worth reading carefully and looking into, but often times companies send out a blanket email that may not necessarily have anything to do with you or your brand. In this case, keep things short and sweet. Let them know that you value the time they spent reaching out to you, but that it’s not the right fit for you at the time. No need to explain further!

Not every email warrants a response, especially when it is not necessarily even addressed to you and seems to be a general email just to their email list. However, when someone has clearly put in effort to reach out to you and seems genuinely interested in working together, it is better to maintain good relationships with them and look at it as a business opportunity. You never know what could change in the future! Navigating these relationships can be difficult, but as long as you are polite and genuine, people will be able to see how professional and authentic you are!