The Beginner’s Guide to Learning to Code



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Did you know? In 2015, only about 18% of all Computer Science degrees were earned by women. That’s an astounding statistic. That means that the other 82% of Computer Science degrees were earned by males.

For women in the workplace, it’s important to recognize the gender gap that’s present in most all industries, but especially in technology and computer science! Career paths that involve coding and programming are often dominated by males, but we’re starting to see an increase in the number of women that choose this field over an alternative.

Why is Coding Important?

Coding has a significant role in marketing, as it’s used to design and create websites and custom programs, such as online shopping carts and registration programs, and it’s used by front-end users to add content to their websites, change imagery, and complete basic tasks. Without the backend coding and programming, the front-end user wouldn’t be able to complete simple tasks without advance knowledge of coding.

Schools today are incorporating coding into their curriculum because it is becoming increasingly important in society and will continue to play a large role in the future. Starting in Kindergarten, children learn the basics of programming and engage with programs that involve moving robots into a certain path.

Coding has a language of its own and takes time to learn. By starting slowly, taking courses and practicing on your own, you can create a unique website that is user-friendly across all devices. The need for coders has grown over the years with the advancements in technology, so there’s no better time to learn to code then now from the comfort of your own home.


WordPress is used by over 28% of all the websites on the internet today. The reason businesses and developers choose to use WordPress over the alternatives is that it provides dashboard for all skill levels and provides a secure, user-friendly platform to develop on. Because WordPress offers different themes and plugins to fit the user’s preferences and needs, WordPress is a great choice!

Many clients prefer a creative edge to their websites design and layout which would call for an experienced coder to work their magic. Having basic HTML and CSS skills can help you customize pages, blog posts, and even colors to make the changes you or your client is looking for.

When a client wants a change to their website, they usually pertain to user-friendly experience on the website or placement of content or images. Almost every piece of the website that we touch can be hand-coded to create an accessible and responsive experience on mobile, desktop, or tablet. Some of the programming languages marketing agencies and website developers use every day to create and update websites are:

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How to Learn to Code

One of the first things you can do to learn how to code is to watch tutorial videos or read articles that explain what you’re trying to accomplish with your website. There are many programming languages out there, each different, but it’s important to know the differences as well as stick to learning one specific language at a time. The great thing about today’s technology and the vast internet is that there are options out there to learn how to code.

Here are a few ways that you can learn how to code: As a LinkedIn company, offers thousands of tutorial videos on a variety of topics from Photoshop, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, to Coding that can help anyone willing to learn. With each programming language, you’re given exercise files to help you put what you learn into a real scenario. The best part about is that you can go at your own pace of learning and revisit the videos at any time to review what you’ve learned.

Codeacademy- This is another site that can help you learn how to code using all programming languages. They have helpful videos from creating and deploying a website to learning each individual programming language. Codeacademy is similar to taking a College course online and is great to start a career in coding.

Community College / University Courses- If you needed an excuse to go back to school, this is a perfect reason! Community Colleges and Universities offer all types of coding related courses, from beginning to advanced, to help you learn everything there is to know about coding for a website or an even bigger project.

Why Coding is Useful

There are so many reasons why learning programming languages can help you as a business owner, marketer, and even as a freelancer. By learning this useful skill, you can create interactive and memorable eBlasts that work across any device and internet browser, update websites to have the look and feel clients are looking for, as well as have a unique skill to set you apart in job interviews.

Coding can be used for just about anything in today’s technology driven world. For businesses, a website is one of the main things potential customers look for to find your company or purchase an item. So, it’s great to have the ability to create something memorable to keep bringing back customers new and old by creating code that sets your website apart from competitors.

Start Coding!

As someone who’s only been in a marketing career for a little over a year, I can tell you that learning basic HTML coding greatly helps in creating a successful and user-friendly website. Start by taking tutorials online as well as asking friends or employees who have knowledge of any coding language.

One thing that I hear many people say that they wish they had learned in college, is how important coding is for those in marketing, for those that own a business, or just want to have a skill that stands out among the rest. Take the time now to learn how to code, one language at a time. It’s time to break the stereotype and empower a generation of women coders who are just as fierce as male coders!

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