How To Look Your Best on Webcam



There are two kinds of people—the ones who blossom and flourish in front of the camera and the ones who stand there with wide-eyes and gaping mouths. If you’re one of the deer in headlights people, unfortunately we can’t tag and unfreeze you. What we can do though is give you a few tips on how to look your best when filming on camera.



Lighting is one of the most important things when it comes to shooting. Too much light will make your face look harsh and washed out. Too little light makes it hard to see your face. A floating face in a dark room is always creepy so make sure you’re not in a dark room with only the light from your computer screen on! If you have soft box light tents, definitely put them to use! If not, find a good desk lamp or two and place them in front of you to illuminate that beautiful face of yours!


Mind your background! If you’re webcamming from home, make sure you don’t have dirty laundry, school books, and kids’ toys sprawled all over your floor. If you’re at the office and doing a live webinar, be aware of what will appear behind you on camera. Make your background conducive to your brand. If your company sells baby clothes, it probably would shock your audience if you had posters of The Shining and Saw in your background (eek!). Stay organized with storage bins or cubbies whether you’re in the office or at home. If you have the space, try designating a filming area. Style your background in a way that fits your brand and you won’t have to constantly worry about what may embarrassingly shows up on screen.


Keep it quiet in the background so people can pay attention to you and your content. If your audience is straining to listen to what you have to say, they can’t concentrate on you. Whether you’re recording for a YouTube video or live streaming to your viewers, make sure you film in a quiet place. For even better sound quality, try a microphone to help get your message across to your audience. If you have roommates or tiny tots running around, try an ‘In Session’ door hanger like this one.


Above all, remember to smile! Filming should be fun and take heart in knowing your viewers want to see what new information you have to offer. While we’re sure you have a knockout smile, for an extra bit of pizzazz, enhance your luscious lips by trying on a fun colored lipstick. Oh, and if you’re recording after your lunch break, make sure you don’t have anything stuck in your teeth!