How to Pitch Yourself to Get More Brand Deals



Wonder how your favorite bloggers secure all of those big brand deals? You might be surprised to know that it’s not always because of their huge Instagram followings–it’s because they know how to pitch themselves!

Today, knowing how to perfect the pitch is such a valuable skill to have. There’s a lot of competition out there, but if you know how to communicate your value and what’s unique about what you bring to the table, you’re already one step ahead of the game.

Here at Bloguettes, we’re constantly getting questions about how bloggers can secure brand deals. So, we decided what better way to educate our audience on this topic than to bring in an expert to our 2018 Workshop?

Julie Solomon is a New York Times best-selling publicist, Blog Strategist, and Founder of The Influencer Podcast. She’s worked with countless bloggers and entrepreneurs over the years, and we’re so excited to have her lead 2 sessions at our conference!

To give you an idea of what Julie will be covering at The Workshop, we decided to sit down with her to do a quick Q&A. Keep reading to get to know Julie and get a sneak peek at what her sessions will be like!

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got to where you are today!

As co-owner of OMG! Publicity and a New York Times best-selling publicist, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the country’s most recognized artists, authors, entrepreneurs and bloggers for over a decade. I’ve spearheaded book campaigns that went on to break New York Times Best-Selling records and collectively sold over 100 million books worldwide.

In 2016, upon the conception of Pitch It Perfect, brand consulting and management efforts, I helped clients, students and readers garner over $1 million dollars in income and brand deals.

In 2017, I launched my latest passion project, The Influencer Podcast, putting my Journalism major to good use. I host and explore the secrets behind the careers of today’s top social influencers and industry elites, and the podcast has rapidly joined the Top-100 list of iTunes’ Business Podcast Chart, peaking at #15!

I’m a communicator at heart, and a believer in the power of sharing stories. My purpose is to encourage confidence and determination to create, perform and share in the most connected way possible.

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How important is it to know how to pitch yourself? What are some things you should always do in a pitch?

Pitching is super important, it is how you show up and serve. A well-written, well thought out pitch can help you stand out in an oversaturated market.

You should always address the person that you’re writing to and not send a generic email. Also make sure to say something specific about the brand and how you connect with them. Always include an exciting, attention grabbing headline / email subject so that your email doesn’t get deleted right away. Remember, a pitch is a service, not a sale!

"A pitch is a service, not a sale!"

What do brands look for in bloggers?

The number one things brands look for in bloggers is consistency. They want to see that you take your blog and your business seriously by paying careful attention to you brand.

Brands want to work with bloggers who know their audience inside and out. Remember, your blog is not about you – it’s about your audience! A brand should be able to see THEIR consumer / audience in YOUR blog / brand.

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Always on my phone 🙈… but isn't every person growing an online business? _ When it comes to priorities, branding strategy or business plan, I can be a little OCD! And I'm not the only one – publicists, agents, managers – we all love to list out tons of marketing ideas and build them into comprehensive plans that hit all the vital branding phases of a business/blog, all the platforms for optimal engagement, all the audiences in their key demo, and give away all the bonuses and all the purchase incentives, and, and, and… phew! _ As we all know, proper strategy and management to effectively run a blog, brand or business take a lot of work. I may be OCD – but I love it! _ Branding strategy plans of this caliber are AMAZING and EFFECTIVE — but without a doubt, they take a small army to execute well. _ So, I wanted to finally dig into a question I am asked A LOT! WHAT ABOUT THE BLOGGER / ENTREPRENEUR WITHOUT A TEAM? How do they keep it all running without a hitch? How do they grow? Stay on top of the game? How do they even start? _ The truth, though, is you don't need a massive team to grow a successful blog or brand. You just need to prioritize in a way that works FOR you. I'm sharing my key ingredients to growth when you are one man show – and you can get them in via the link in my bio! _ #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #livethelittlethings #theeverygirl #juliesolomon #communityovercompetition #risingtidesociety #glitterguide #girlboss #girlpreneur #marketingstrategy #blogtips #bloggingtips #bloggertips #influencermarketing #worklesslivemore #zooeyasweare #blogging101 #liketkit #ltkunder100 #ltkunder50 #blogginglife #bloggerslife #blogginggals #bloguettes #theblogissue #fashionblogging #bloggerlife #bloggergoals #tnchustler

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Many bloggers have a hard time generating their rates. What tips do you have for knowing what you’re worth and negotiating rates?

Never, ever, send or offer a rate sheet. You will lose all negotiating power that way.  

Let’s talk a little bit about email. What are some things you should always include in an email you’re sending to a brand you want to work with?

You should always include links to your blog and your social handles so that brands know where to find you. Also any data that shows your experience or level of expertise.

You definitely always want to make an email personal and find a way to connect with the brand that you are reaching out to. Generic emails where you are “asking” something from them will get you nowhere fast!

What are some of the most common mistakes you see bloggers make when reaching out to brands?

I see a lot of bloggers and influencers who ask for something from the brand instead of offering a way to serve them. You should always make sure that you let the brand know how you can serve them, their followers and customers instead of asking them for something right off the bat.

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Ever feel like sh*t has hit the fan? _ You know, You spend hours creating content and producing beautiful photos just to have them go live with little engagement and practically no awareness or growth. Or perhaps you’re in an Instagram pod and feel more overwhelmed keeping up with everyone’s photos you don’t even have time to actually work on your own growth strategy. Then it just becomes a chore! _ A lot of this comes down to these rules we make up for ourselves about how to use social media platforms. _ In the world of social media marketing, there a number of rules out there that are more harmful than helpful if adhered to all the time. Because social media changes all the time, the black and white “rules” around it often have to be reconsidered and broken. To see what these 8 rules are, and WHY you should start breaking them today, head over to the post via the link in my bio. _ #marketingtools #problogging #problogger #growthhacking #growthhacks# darlingmovement #juliesolomon #thatsdarling #bedeeplyrooted #theeverydaygirl #thegramgang #communityovercompetition #creativeentrepeneur #theblogissue #influencermarketing #marketing101 #socialmediastrategy #contentmarketing #blogwithme #theinfluencerpodcast #zooeyasweare #blogging101 #liketkit #ltkunder100 #ltkunder50 #blogginglife #bloggerslife #blogginggals #bloguettes #theblogissue #bloggerlife

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These days, it seems like everyone is trying to monetize their blog. What are some things bloggers can do now to work toward turning their blog into a successful, money-making biz?

Make sure that you are actively engaging with your community and with the brands that you’d like to work with on social media. By being active on social media with both your followers and with brands, you will not only increase your engagement rate, but also stay on top of the minds of the brands that you may want to work with in the future.

"By being active on social media with both your followers and with brands, you will not only increase your engagement rate, but also stay on top of the minds of the brands that you may want to work with in the future."

Give us a sneak peek at what we can expect from your workshop sessions!

It’s my passion to teach bloggers how to think and feel for themselves, how to turn this into a lucrative business. I will be sharing a lot of my failures (so you can avoid them!). I strive to compress the learning curve, so it will be jam packed and full of strategies.

**Special Treat –  Julie will be hosting a free Masterclass on December 2nd alongside Puno, Founder of PeopleMap with insider tips from Planoly. Tune in to learn the value of your pitch, how to monetize, how to stay ahead of algorithm changes, and more!

When you’re not busy coaching influencers and bloggers and running your podcast, what can we find you doing?

Home in LA, with my family! We love beach days in Malibu and exploring the city with our 4 year old son, Camden.

Want to attend Julie’s session at The Workshop? Tickets are going fast, so be sure to grab yours today!