How To Prep For A Blogging Conference

How To Prep For A Blogging Conference - Bloguettes


Your first blogging conference is right around the corner and you’re wondering what exactly you need to do in order to put your best self forward. We’ve got the blog conference preparation deets to make you look fine, sunshine.

Don’t Guess Who

Before you actually go to the conference, you should spend some time researching. If the conference has a schedule online, take a look at what and who they have to offer. Don’t know who a main speaker is? Look them up! Google them, check all forms of social media, and study their brand and what their mission is. Normally, we don’t condone stalking, but in the name of blogging, we’ll let this one slide. If a person is speaking at a conference, chances are, they know their stuff. Instead of playing ‘guess who,’ knowing some of their basic info beforehand can lay the foundation you need to network.

Have A Plan

Browsing the conference schedule beforehand is a must. Decide which classes and lectures you want to attend. If you and another coworker are going together, consider splitting up in order to gain the most knowledge and coverage at the conference. At the end of each day, you and your coworker can meet up to review and give each other a general idea of the classes you attended that day.

Be Pitch Perfect

You don’t have to have an a cappella song memorized to be pitch perfect, but you should have your elevator pitch ready and waiting. An elevator pitch is essentially a brief summary of who you are and what you do. The basis of an elevator pitch is to be able to pitch your brand to someone during the 30-second to 2-minute time span of an elevator ride. Brainstorm what you want to say and practice it. If networking makes you nervous, it may help to write down your pitch and record yourself. Hearing your voice on a recording may make you cringe, but hearing yourself can make you a better speaker. Take it up a notch by recording a video your elevator pitch. Pay special attention to your eye contact and body language. Elevator pitches are short so remember the three C’s: concise, confident, cheerful. Be succinct, speak with certainty, and don’t forget to show your pearly whites!

Pack the Essentials

We’ve all had that sinking feeling once we buckled our belts on the plane and think, “Oh no…did I pack my charger?” Before you even open your suitcase, make a list of items you absolutely cannot forget. Your business cards, laptop/charger, camera, and notebook and pen should be at the top of the list. As for your wardrobe, pick clothes that make you look and feel confident, but also remember that comfort is a must. You don’t want a cramp from your taupe-hued fringe heels to slow you down. Make sure you’re extra prepared by bringing a roomy bag that can haul all your necessary items around the actual conference. Find a bag that combines functionality and your personal style.

A blogging conference has something happening everywhere you turn. Being equipped with all the necessary knowledge and tools ahead of time will allow you to keep focused on the task at hand. Be informed, be prepared, and be your fabulous self.