How to Save Your Instagram Live Videos

Save Your Live Videos with Instagram's Latest Update


How to Save Your Instagram Live Videos - Bloguettes

Instagram has shifted and changed a lot since its launch in 2010, and the app recently announced yet another new feature!

From the beginning, one of the things that made Instagram unique from other video and photo-sharing apps (Snapchat, Facebook Live, etc.) was that once a user went live, there was no way to save or view the video besides during the stream. However, this is all about to change!

The famous photo sharing platform just announced that users now have the option to save their Instagram Live Stories to their phones once the stream is over. Just like most things on Instagram, it’s pretty simple: when your stream ends, there will be a save button in the upper-right corner. If you want to save your video, simply tap it and the video will be saved to your camera roll. Pretty cool, right?

Save Your Live Videos with Instagram's Latest Update2
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Another benefit of this update is that once the stream is saved to your camera roll, since the likes and comments from the initial live stream will not be saved, you can repost it to other social media platforms just like regular video. This way, you can extend the reach of your video. This update really is the best of all social media worlds, because you can have the authenticity of being live and engaging with followers, but you can also save your stream and repost it! Plus, if anything exciting happens in your live stream, you now have the option to save the footage and re-watch later!

So, why exactly did Instagram launch this new feature? This update has come out in hopes to increase the number of live streams, as many people were apprehensive to share a live video knowing they would lose their footage as soon as they ended their stream.

The update is now available for iOS and Android today, but Instagram has informed us that it’s not the only video update the company will be releasing. So, keep an eye out for more new and exciting features!

If you want to get more familiar with Instagram Live and how it works, watch the video below!

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How to Save Your Instagram Live Videos - Bloguettes