How To Shake Up the Selfie



Oh, selfies. Our society has gotten to the point where there are songs about selfies, shirts with ‘selfie’ sprawled across it, and selfie sticks for easier snapshots. It’s a selfie pandemic out there, but as much as we talk about it, there is a negative stigma if you do it too often.

So, what’s the secret to selfies? Diversity! We know you’re beautiful, but nobody wants to see your face from the same angle, in the same pose, picture after picture. It’s boring, a bit narcissistic, and honey, we know you can do better.

On the blog today, we’re introducing a creative photography spin. We’ve got a flurry of tips and poses that’ll show you exactly how to shake up the selfie.


Take a picture head on. Use this to show off that beautiful face or perfect shade of berry lipstick. Stand in front of a colored wall to add a pop of color!


Back It Up

Turn around and back it up! Photos taken of your back can showcase hair, hats, twists and turns of a strappy summer dress, or even a fun pineapple!


Handy Dandy

Use your hands as accessories! Want to change the look? Paint your nails in poppy spring colors and add lots of arm (and finger!) candy.



Show your side profile. Let us see that dreamy side braid or romantic flower crown! Do a close up of a side profile and flutter those luscious lashes to achieve a pretty silhouette.


A Shoe-In

Slip on those new shoes you bought last week and snap a picture! Position them in different angles and add fabric for even more photo options.


Talking Body

Be proud of your body! Full body shots are best for displaying that perfect outfit you so stylishly put together. Feel odd staring directly into the camera? Tilt your head down or turn your face to the side for a ‘candid’ look.


Bottoms Up

Take a photo from the waist down. Snap a pic of those flowy harem pants or your favorite flannel wrapped around your t-shirt dress. Add a purse in the picture for extra pizzazz!




A picture perfect for the camera shy! Take a pic from the waist up and cover your face. Showcase boho jewelry or toss on a felt panama hat to look extra fashionable.