How To Stand Out When Emailing People You Want To Work With



Impressing people over email isn’t easy to do, but the fact is, it’s the way a lot of business is conducted these days, especially for bloggers. And for many brands it’s isn’t uncommon that they get multiple requests just like yours each and every day. So what’s a blogger to do? How can you set yourself apart from all those other inquiries, and show that you’re the one that these brands want to work with? We find the best approach is to keep things simple, which seems a little counterintuitive, right? When you’re applying for a job, you normally list all your accomplishments, skills and past experience in a cover letter, doing your best to wow the employer and pull ahead of the competition. But reaching out to people via email is totally different. Yes, you want them to read about you and feel like they absolutely can’t do without you–but you won’t accomplish that by writing a novel about yourself.

Before you send out another lengthy email detailing everything you’ve done in the past year, consider these tips:

Get To Right To It

Seems a little forward, doesn’t it? That’s the point. Yes, you want to come off as polite and not greedy–but you also don’t want to waste someone’s time. Introduce yourself, let the brand know why you’re interested in them, and then get right to it. You’re hoping to do a sponsored post?  Just say so!

State The Question Clearly

If you’re going to be asking more than two questions, write them out in bullet or numbered format. This further helps the reader to see what it is you’re getting at and what you want to know. It also makes replying and finding an answer for you easier on their part, as they aren’t sifting through your email looking for all your questions.

Come With A Plan Of Action

Whoever you’re reaching out to, they likely won’t have the time to sit down and come up with a strategy or design a campaign just for you. Be proactive and let them know that in exchange for ‘X,’ you’ll do ‘Y’. And then list out everything that ‘Y’ entails. Is it a blog post? Three Instagrams? A Pinterest board with 5o of their products? Make it tangible. Don’t just say, “in exchange for exposure”–that could mean so many different things! And lastly…

Sell Yourself

Use concrete examples and metrics from past partnerships to illustrate how working with you will pay off for them. If you’re just getting started, talk up the fact that you’re social media following has grown 200%, or that you’ve got a crazy amount of unique visitors, or that your reader demographic is exactly the same group of people the brand is targeting–whatever it is that makes you great, flaunt it, and be able to back it up!

When it comes down to it, creating partnerships over email is really about making it as easy for the person you’re reaching out to as possible. If they can clearly see your value, what it is you’ll be able to do for them, and how you’re going to go about it, you’re sure to stand out and impress!