How to Launch a Successful Podcast & Use it to Promote Your Biz



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These days, it seems like everyone is listening to podcasts–millions of listeners around the world tune in to hear their favorite hosts on a daily basis.

Podcasting is an amazing way to captivate your audience and create a loyal following, so it can be a great asset for your biz. Here at Bloguettes, we know that audio is on the rise and now more than ever, people turn to podcasts and videos to consume information. We think podcasts are here to stay, which is why we’re bringing in podcasting experts to our 2018 conference, The Workshop!

Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are the girls behind Almost 30 Podcast–a real, raw, unreserved podcast inspired by life transitions and the years between your twenties and thirties. They’ve truly built an empire around their podcast and we’re so excited for them to lead a session at our conference.

We recently had the chance to do a Q&A with Krista and Lindsey, so keep reading to get to know them and get a sneak peek at what their session will be like!

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got to where you are today!

Krista Williams is Lifestyle + Travel Blogger at The Hundred Blog, which has been around for 2 years and has been featured in SELF Magazine and Refinery29. She’s worked with brands like Adidas, Airbnb, Free People and Nordstrom. Starting her career in consulting in Chicago, moving to Digital Marketing in New York City, she began her love for digital media in 2015 when she started her blog. In addition to writing the blog and hosting the podcast, she helps others launch their podcasts through her podcast consulting business and her Podcast Pro e-Book.

Lindsey is an actress, singer + SoulCycle instructor based in Los Angeles.  

Take us back to when you first came up with the concept for Almost 30. What inspired you to start your podcast?

K: Lindsey and I were inspired by our real, honest, authentic and hilarious conversations about our transition from our twenties to our thirties. It wasn’t that we wanted to have everyone listen to us, but we knew that other women (our friends, family members) were feeling as lost as we were and wanted the advice and inspiration, too. So we set out to have fun, express ourselves, learn, and grow and it really just took off from there. I think there is a hole in the market for women that are leaving college, growing up and growing into themselves. Now, we really focus on creating the community. The women and men that are obsessed with learning, personal development, laughing and not taking themselves too seriously.

L: Exactly, we are learning right along with our listeners. We aim to have honest, thoughtful, real conversations about life’s transitions. While this podcast was inspired by our transition from our twenties to our thirties, it has grown into a place where people can go to find inspiration as they navigate ANY transition.  

What are the benefits of podcasting? What types of businesses should be taking advantage of podcasting?

K: Let me just say, we freaking LOVE the business of podcasting. Podcasting is really a way for your audience to deeply connect with you by hearing the tonation of your voice, your laughter, your real honest and unedited self…for our personal brands.

L: What I love about podcasting is that there is space for everyone.  If you think your podcast idea is too niche, you’re wrong!  There will always be an audience for what you have to share.  Podcasts are always evolving, which I love.  If you aren’t afraid to let people in on your process or watch you learn, then this medium will be an incredible ride for not only your evolving brand, but for you as a human being.  You will learn so much about yourself as a creative, as a business owner, as a face behind a brand…It can only benefit you.  I encourage anyone with a vision for a podcast to start one.  If it exists in your head, it could become a reality.  JUST START.  Let it evolve.  Concentrate on the community that finds you.  They will help your brand grow and they will inspire the next level of your business.

"If you aren’t afraid to let people in on your process or watch you learn, then this medium will be an incredible ride for not only your evolving brand, but for you as a human being."

Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular. In your opinion, what does it take to create a podcast that stands out from the crowd?

K: It’s important that your podcast isn’t about you. You need to think bigger. Yes you can be interesting and have something to say, but you need to focus on why someone would listen. What are they going to get out of it. What’s the value they get from listening. For Almost 30, each podcast makes you laugh, makes you think and really helps you to grow. If it doesn’t do one of those things then we don’t share the episode.

L: I completely agree with Krista!  While our own personal transitions inspired the podcast, we have been so much more inspired when we open the conversation to others.  To stand out in this space, I think it is important to engage with your audience.  Whether we shout out listeners, answer their questions, bring on a guest that they want to hear from, organize events so we can meet IRL…we are always thinking about our community.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in the podcast industry? What steps have you taken to overcome them?

K: The podcast industry is really growing, which works a lot to our benefit but also it has it’s challenges since a lot of people are just making up the rules as they go – at least that’s what we are doing :). I think for starters, not everyone knows what podcasts are, to getting them to convert and start listening is a bit of a challenge. It’s hard for them to see why they’d listen and how to navigate Apple Podcasts (which isn’t really user friendly, to be honest). So after converting people, making sure see how different we are than the other thousands and thousands of podcasts available to them! Differentiating ourselves in the market is really important, so working at that is a challenge always. We try to overcome that by being really clear about our messaging and branding, so that it’s fun, unique and fresh. We also seek to move the podcast, IRL as much as possible with live events and meet-ups :).

L:  It has served us to put our blinders on after.

What are 5 elements of a successful podcast?

  1. 1

    Quality branding: You need to stand out! For Almost 30 Podcast we keep ours very LA, very fun, very young, and with the pinks/blues/blacks, always.

  2. 2

    A strong message: Make it clear so that when people talk about your podcast they can tell your friends what you are all about in less than a minute.

  3. 3

    Hosts or a host with a unique voice or perspective: Unfortunately you can’t just have a podcast to hear yourself talk 🙂 you need to be unafraid to share an unpopular position or receive critical feedback.

  4. 4

    Effective editing and sound engineering: Really important that people aren’t distracted by the sound quality and that it only enhances the experience.

  5. 5

    A marketing strategy that can grow as you do: It needs to evolve with the market response of your podcast.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to create a podcast, but has no idea where to start?

K: Begin recording yourself on your iPhone voice notes. Do this to hear your voice, hear the way you speak and to really hone in on what your messaging will be. Lindsey and I recorded for 6 months before we even thought about sharing anything. Take your time to hone in!

L:  You don’t have to know it all to start.  Part of the fun is making your process, your podcast structure, your marketing strategy, your brand etc. uniquely YOU.  And just know that every setback is full of purpose.  So don’t skip the lesson.  And every victory deserves celebration.  It is easy to get caught up in the process and the growth, but it is important to celebrate the milestones in the life of your podcast!

Give us a sneak peek at what we can expect from your workshop!

First we are SO EXCITED for the event and workshop, we’re so pumped to talk about podcasting because it has been an absolute gamechanger for us business wise. It’s such a fun medium that’s growing so quickly and really allows your audience to get to know you, and engage with you in an authentic way.

So, The Workshop. We’ll really start from the ground-up from ideation to execution, and then getting advertisers and growing your podcast. We want to make this as tactical as possible so that anyone leaving the session they’ll feel really good starting today.

We’ll start with some questions around the WHY, what will your podcast be about, what’s your messaging, and then move to the HOW. It’s really complicated sometimes with sound and sound editing, so we’ll break that down. Marketing your podcast and making money is in there of course 🙂 because making what you do and love a business is a really important piece. It’s going to be super holistic, but also fun.

When you’re not busy at running your podcast, what can we find you doing?

Krista can be found either working on her blog (The Hundred Blog), traveling, or with her boyfriend in their bungalow in Venice, California. She’s a huge fan of working out, eating well and anything related to personal growth and development.

Lindsey can be found either studying improv and comedy at The Groundlings and Lesly Kahn, teaching SoulCycle class on the west side of LA, taking fitness classes like boxing and yoga, working on sketches with talented friends, singing, writing, or grocery shopping.  She loves to cook and loves to eat and loves to peruse the aisles at Erewhon.

Special thanks to Krista and Lindsey for taking the time to answer our questions!

Wanna attend Krista and Lindsey’s session at The Workshop? Tickets are going fast, so be sure to get yours today!