How To Step Up Your Thank You Cards

How To Step Up Your Thank You Cards - Bloguettes


“Thank you.”

It’s one of the first phrases a child learns and while it should be ingrained in our heads, sometimes we don’t say it enough. When it comes to business, saying thank you is crucial! Services were traded, products were given, and (hopefully!) both parties benefited. We doubt we need to lay it out for you, but just to be safe, we’re cracking down on a few tips to help you step up your thank you card game.

Practice Your Penmanship

Back in the ‘old days,’ getting an email notification was the hip new thing! Forget snail mail. Email was the revolution of a lifetime! Now that we’ve moved into a highly digital world where the ‘ding’ of an email is followed by a loud sigh, handwritten cards are a treasure. Handwriting your card makes you AND your letter stand out against the rest! An old school dot of the “i” and cross of the “t” shows you care about your clients while boosting your brand’s reputation.

Address Them By Name

While Sir/Madam/Miss/To Whom It May Concern are all acceptable greetings, nothing beats a greeting followed by your name. We’d like to think you know the names of those you collaborate with, but in case you’re dealing with three Sarah Smith’s at once, try your best to research emails, websites, and social media platforms to who’s who. Addressing a person by name (in written or verbal form!) shows you care a little more and took the time to remember them. Oh and for the love of macarons, make sure you SPELL THEIR NAME RIGHT!

Be Specific

List something specific your client did! If they gave you a product, if they bought your highest sponsor package, if they took amazing pictures for your gallery, mention it! While you’re at it, say how they helped you. If people couldn’t stop raving about your client’s homemade Poptarts at an event, say that! People love to hear about how their product or services positively benefited others. After all, a positive reaction is why people do what they do!

Be Prepared

Always keep thank you cards in storage! You never know when you might need one. If you deal with a diverse group of clients, have a few different card styles for safe keeping. Looking for a good set to keep in your card closet?

Here’s a few you might want to consider:

  1. 1

    Kate Spade Pink & Gold Set

  2. 2

    Watercolor Macarons Blank Letter Set

  3. 3

    Dripping Gold Stripes Thank You Set

  4. 4

    Simple Contemporary Thank You Cards

  5. 5

    Geometric Letterpress Thank You Notes

  6. 6

    Floral Watercolor Thank You Set