How To Take A Great Instagram



Photo from Stock That Rocks 

Instagram is not only one of the fastest growing forms of social media, but it’s also one of our favorites here at Bloguettes. It’s the perfect way to showcase your blog in a visual and fun way! Instagram allows its users to be creative while also providing a platform to build your brand and drive users to your blog or business. However, it can be tricky to capture a picture perfect Instagram. As avid believers in selfies, we have some experience in this area and have put together a few tips on how to take the perfect Instagram.


As obvious as it may seem, it still needs to be said. A good photo requires good lighting! We always opt for natural lighting whenever possible, as it reveals the truest colors and simply makes the picture look as unprocessed as possible. Using flash or other lighting equipment can be fun to experiment with as well, but remember that realistic looking lighting is usually best.


Taking a good picture is truly a process of trial and error! Any successful Instagrammer will tell you that it takes numerous attempts to capture that perfect shot. Don’t be afraid to play around and get creative!


Gone are the days of each Instagram post looking exactly the same. There are a multitude of apps available which allow you to crop your pictures to be horizontal or vertical while displaying the whole picture. In fact, you can crop your photo into virtually any shape you like! A square picture is always classic, but a clean crop can definitely improve some images. Afterlight is our favorite!


A picture can be drastically improved by how it’s arranged! Don’t be afraid to move the subject of your image from the center. An easy guideline to use is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds basically means that you imagine a photo being divided into three parts, both horizontally and vertically, so that you have nine parts total. Place the subject of the photo along these lines or at their intersections to make them look more interesting!


Filters are definitely one of the fun things about Instagram! However, it’s easy to go overboard with the editing. Truthfully, a good picture shouldn’t need much editing or filtering in the first place! We prefer to err on the side of caution when we filter, unless going for a dramatic effect! You can also edit the look of your photos just by changing the contrast, saturation, and temperature.


Your pictures will draw more attention, comments, and drive more users if you make your captions work for you! Using clever hashtags can also be eye catching, as long as you don’t overuse them! Try to use no more than five hashtags, but make the ones you use count. Pay attention to the overall message that your picture and caption show, and use it to your advantage.