How To Team Up With Friends And Save Money

How To Team Up With Friends & Save Money - Bloguettes


How To Team Up With Friends & Save Money - Bloguettes: Spending money doesn't have to be a drag! Team up with your squad & save that cash!

Your friends always have your back. They help you move apartments for the sixth time, drop you off at the airport before the sun is up, and supply you with Ben & Jerry’s after a breakup. Together, you make a great team and now you can work together to keep your bank accounts in check. Read on to find out how you can save with your squad!

Shop in Bulk

Membership-only warehouse stores have great deals on everything from produce to meat to sinfully delicious cookies. The only problem? Most of the time, you are forced to purchase more food than a family of six can consume before the expiration date arrives. Going grocery shopping with a friend not only makes a normally mundane chore fun, but you can split bulk items.

Vacation Together

The days of sleeping three to a bed in a hotel room to save money are long gone. For that vacation this summer, grab a group of friends and share an Airbnb. Now you finally have an excuse to stay in a gorgeous home, with a bed for everyone, that you couldn’t afford to stay in by yourself.

Buy More Save More

Have you ever been in a store and there is a tempting deal where if you spend more, you save more? This is a trap that often makes people spend more than they originally planned on spending! Unless you have a buddy with you, if you both want to make purchases, you can combine them and split the savings.

Book Club

In high school, there was nothing more fun than passing around a good book amongst your friends and hosting an informal book club during study hall. While you can obviously still pass on favorite books to friends, often times it is easier to download a digital copy at a moment’s notice. Instead of letting books collect dust, buy them on an Amazon Kindle. The Kindle let’s you lend your book to a friend who has either a Kindle or the Kindle reading app on any device.

Split Sets

Often times, beauty products, candles, specialty teas, perfumes and other luxurious items are less expensive in a gift set. But chances are, not every color lipstick will work for your skin tone and you won’t like the scent of every candle. So split a set with your friends! Chances are, between two or three of you, you will all end up with products you are happy with at a fraction of the cost.

Redefine Girls Night Out

If dinner and drinks has become your go-to for a night out with your friends, reconsider for your wallet’s sake. Consider a potluck, an at-home movie marathon or a nice walk in a pretty park. Once you can convince your friends that you don’t have to spend money to have fun, all of your wallets will be happier.

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