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The social media world is a big one, and can oftentimes be a source of confusion. When should I post? How many pictures should my post have? What do I even do with hashtags? Sprinkle in a few algorithms, sponsored posts, and navigating your audience and you’ve got a full-time job directing traffic to your blog!

Luckily, Facebook has made this task a little more friendly over the years, and there are plenty of organic ways to get your content noticed! Here are a few ways to use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog:

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook


Much like Google, Facebook uses an algorithm to determine where to place content on its search engine. For example, if you’re a beauty blogger and you’ve written a beautiful post on the latest Fenty collection by Rihanna, you’ll want to include keywords and phrases that your audience is looking for in your post. Keywords help your post rank higher in someone’s search feed if they’re following your Facebook page.


Cross promotion is a heaven-sent way of getting your content in front of more eyeballs for $0. If you have a professional Facebook page and a personal Facebook account, be sure to actively share between both pages. Chances are, your family and friends that are connected with you on your own personal account will like, share, and comment, boosting your original post’s chances of being seen!

Video, Video, Video

In today’s social media climate, video reigns. When adding a video to Facebook, use the top two tricks to better your chances of being seen. Use rich keywords in the text of the post, the title, and the captions of the video, and also share on as many pages as you can. Videos are traditionally ranked by a number of times it’s been viewed, so be sure to use an aesthetically pleasing or eye-catching featured image to pique your audience’s interest!

Be Engaged

Like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, Facebook is a majorly engaged community. Follow pages and communities that your audience might be a part of, as well as businesses you could picture yourself collaborating with and rooting for. Like, comment, and share other like-minded blogger posts and content, and always be positive and upbeat. Negative Facebook attention is not the attention you want!

Authenticity is Key

Similar to Instagram, Facebook posts that tell it like it is often get viewed and engaged with more often than those that seem generic or too salesy. If you’re up to your neck in contest entries for a promotion you’re running, post a funny Snap of all of the prizes you’re giving away and how lovingly overwhelmed you are with the support you’ve received. Having an off day? Post a prompt for others asking how they’ve overcome a particularly stressful event. You’d be surprised at how many other bloggers and content creators are also looking for someone to lean on.

Bonus Tips

  • Use full-sized images in your posts! They get 120% more engagement versus posts without any photos.
  • Keep your updates short. Nobody wants to read a novel, so make it simple, clear, and concise.
  • Ask questions! This can lead to more engagement and increased interaction with and among your followers.

Facebook can seem like a lot, especially combined with the many features and pay-to-play concepts they’ve recently installed. However, staying engaged with your community in an authentic and strategic way can score you major points. Give it a try!


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