Why Your Business Needs to be Using Google Analytics

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Understanding how individuals interact with your website is crucial to your professional success!

Google Analytics provides a world of information about your digital presence that you may have never known you needed. Everything from in-depth visitor reports to website functionality reviews, GA gives your site the support it needs to go above and beyond.

Analytics are your own personal look at the ins-and-outs of your website. They provide insight into what’s working and what may need some improvement! 

Why Your Business Needs To Be Using Google Analytics

Besides letting you know how your site is fairing with its audience, analytics provide broad and detailed information that can pose new opportunities for you and your business, such as advertising partnerships and superior content.

It’s important to note that the data it produces isn’t helpful unless you’ve set goals for yourself. Get the most of this essential tool by outlining what your ideal site traffic looks like and how you want to connect with your target audience.

Now, let’s break down exactly why your business needs to be using Google Analytics:

Know Your Audience

Audience members are the backbone of any website! Your site wouldn’t serve much purpose without them, which is why it’s crucial to get to know your audience as best as you can.

Google Analytics gives you a sneak peek into their lives and digital behavior without meeting them face-to-face. The map overlay feature tells you where in the world your audience is down to a specific city. This information may alter the type of content you produce as demographics have different interests and needs.

The application also breaks down data, such as which web browsers, screen resolutions, and devices your audience is using. While this may seem like minute information, it can help you determine which browsers your site is compatible with and what the most aesthetically pleasing design is!

Google Analytics lets you know what users like and dislike. It understands that your time and energy is precious and will help you determine what content is truly worth your while to produce.

For the more digitally savvy out there, the Acquisition and Conversion Reports will be your new best friend! They’ll track the number of visitors your site receives and exactly where they’re coming from, whether they’re being driven by your newsletter, a paid search, or referral site.


This info is pertinent because it tells you what the traffic driving jackpots for your platform are!

Web Functionality

The Behavior Flow Report takes you on your audience’s journey throughout your site! Use this to determine what content is engaging users and what may be driving them away.

Along with this, it’s best to know exactly where your audience is entering and exiting your site. You can accomplish this through the application’s Landing and Treemaps Reports and Bounce Rate tool.

This intel hints at the kind of impression your site has on its audience and the types of improvements you should make. You may need to add links or redesign your site to create smoother navigation for your users!

Interest of Content

Catering to the wants and needs of your audience is necessary for any business, and the same reigns true for your website! If users don’t have a valuable experience on your site, they won’t have much incentive to come back.

Delving into the minds of your audience is the best way to combat this struggle! Google Analytics helps you compare what content is engaging users on your site compared to your competitors. You may be apprehensive to see these results, but they’ll let you gauge what kind of things are worth your audience’s time.

Pick the brains of your users even more with the Depth of Visit function and Lifetime Value Report! These features will leave you with some greatly needed insight, including how many page views your platform is receiving.


Your audience is just as valuable to you as you are to them! Analyse what kind of individuals are using your site and their digital behaviors to conclude why they are there and what they need.

Don’t forget to periodically review your Google Analytics! Tracking the ups and downs of your site is the best way to take advantage of its amenities. Allow it to help you focus on what matters to you and your audience.

Play around with this handy dandy business tool, and let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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